Media Interview of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte following the conferment of posthumous Quezon Service Cross Award on the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

Event Media Interview following the Conferment of Posthumous Quezon Service Cross Award on the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago
Location Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Plastic na marijuana.

Q: Ano ‘yon sir?


Q: Plastic?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Plastic marijuana.

Q: What is that?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh ‘yung ginagawang plastic na parang plants.

Q: So, sir, you were joking?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Of course, kayong media that… I want to shake the tree in the middle of a speech kasi boring ‘pag wala.

Ako naman alam mo naman nagpapatawa talaga ako. Kasi boring ‘pag walang ano eh.

But ikaw, tanungin kita, do you really believe na nag-sigarilyo ako ng marijuana?

Q: It’s not for me to say, it’s for you to say.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi, hindi ikaw kung tanungin kita, do you really believe me using marijuana?

Q: If you say it, why not?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hala ka, ikaw ‘yung gibalita noon eh.

Q: Sir, another issue, have you already made a decision on ‘yung recommendation to extend martial law? I understand the

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Not yet. It has not — or the papers have not yet been submitted to me.

Q: Sir, kailan po ‘yung tar —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Or the issue has not been raised. It might be during the Cabinet after a pot session [laughter] so that we can think clearly.

Q: Sir, will you extend martial law in Mindanao?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It will depend on the recommendation of the military and the police. They are the guys on the ground. I’m here in Pasig River.

I am not aware of the nitty-gritty happenings all over the country. But ako sigurado ako that Negros then Bicol and Quezon City are active masyado sila.

Q: How about the recommendation of the economic managers to suspend the excise tax on oil?

Q: To withdraw the suspension?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We will discuss it. Why don’t you just wait for the Cabinet meeting the day after tomorrow? So… You know, it’s a collegial body so we have to arrive at a consensus how it would affect — how it would impact on each and every aspect of the life of the community and that can be articulated by the Cabinet members, one there’s a particular department in a certain area of government.

Q: So bukas din ‘yung decision, Mayor?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Not necessarily but I hope they can resolve it sa Senate. You have to hear Dominguez, you have to hear Pernia, then you have to hear si DTI, tapos si Tugade, and see how it would impact on all of government projects too.

Pati ‘yung pera — the lack or the sufficiency of money of government to go on with the projects.

Q: Sir, thoughts on the arrest and charges against Satur Ocampo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’ll leave it to the police. You know this is not… But I am not… I support the police and the military.

You know an ordinary person — lalo na kung senador ka — you must be aware that you cannot remove children from one community to another without the consent of the parents.

That is actually kidnapping. Eh nagreklamo ‘yung mga natives. You heard they were lectured upon by the Lumads. And it’s about controlling the lives of the natives. Iyan ang mahirap sa komunista, ginagamit nila ang Lumad. Kaya ang karamihan ngayon namamatay Lumad.

Seventy-five of the armed soldiers of the New People’s Army are Lumads. Kawawa eh. So iyan ang mahirap sa kanila. Wala na silang makuha, ang mga Lumads na.

So we have to gather them back again and tell them, “Look, stop f****** with the communists. They will just destroy you.” Sabi nga nila noong una walang sundalo, walang NPA, walang gulo.

And ilang Datu na ngayon na namatay sa Mindanao o pinagpapatay nila? Their lives are peaceful before, you know that.

But when they started to go to the mountains and wage a war there, the guerilla, they recruited ang pinaka vulnerable, the Lumads. Eh wala masyadonggrasp sa ano ‘yan eh problema ng Pilipinas.

I think the police did the right thing irrespective of the intention. You know they might have been motivated — motivated by all of the good intentions in the world. But there is the intent which is criminal in bringing out and transferring children from one area to another especially using them — eventually using them in their struggle. Ganun man ang komunista. Bakit pa tayo magbobolahan?

Satur Ocampo is fronting Bayan. Bayan is a front of the Communist Party of the Philippines. Bakit pa tayo mag-drama? Alam natin that KMU, ‘yan Gabriela, they’re all communist fronts or being used by the communists. Alam ninyo lahat ‘yan.

Even a reporter from the province of Palawan alam niya ‘yan na ganun ang sitwasyon. Huwag na tayong magbobolahan dito. Alam mo dadating — it will come to a fore.

They are all communists, Communist Party of the Philippines, it’s a — raging a war and eventually you can connect them with the conspiracy to topple down government.

Iyon man talaga. Huwag na tayong magbolahan diyan sa drama-drama ninyo. Actually, kayong mga left ganun.

Q: Mayor, we are ready for their counter-charges kasi balak daw nilang mag-counter-charges?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah I am not… I will defend my soldiers and my policemen for sure because I think that they are right.  Otherwise, I would have called their attention and stopped them.

Eh kung magdala ka, the fact that — simple ang elements eh, that a minor is shanghaied, brought out without the consent of the parents and placing him in danger.

You know Bayan is a front of the Communist Party of the Philippines. You know that there is a war going on. Eh kung magka-barilan ‘yan, you put in jeopardy… Huwag na tayong magbolahan, ang Bayan pati ‘yung Communist Party pareho lang ‘yan.

Then you bring in children into a territory baka magkaupakan pa, magkabarilan, eh you put in danger everybody. They should not — they cannot — you know excuse na they are there for immersion. Huwag na tayong magbolahan. Eh galing ako diyan eh.

Q: Sir, sorry —

Q: Would you pardon ‘yung tatlong pulis that were convicted?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, of course not. Maybe one million years from now. Eh kung one billion years okay na.

Q: Pero sir do you think that —

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Look, ang sinabi ko I will defend to death my soldiers and my policemen if they commit charge — ah commit some acts whichcan be considered criminal but done in the performance of their duties.

Hindi ko iiwanan ‘yan kasi kung hindi papatayin ako ng mga sundalo ko pati pulis kasi ako ang nag-utos sa kanila nang ganun. Pero for you to murder, hindi kasali ‘yan.

There’s only one way that it can happen: that you are in the performance of your duty, or duty- connected, then there is an event there that’s happening and your life is in danger, then you can kill your opponent. That is what the law says.

Lahat ‘yan sila dumaan nang basic ‘yan. Lahat ng pulis dumaan ng two years ‘yan. ‘Yung iba naging four years ‘yang mga officers. They were lectured upon pabalik-balik ‘yan only when you are — may shoot-out and you think that if you get a bullet in the head, you will die.

Q: Sir, malabo ‘yung kuha ko. Again why joke about using marijuana?

Q: For the record, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganun ako. No… I… I… You don’t bind me with your — with your… Kung sabihin ninyo na joking or — I do not mind.

Q: But it was, right? A joke?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah it was a joke. Of course it was a joke. Pero nobody can stop me from just doing my style. Minsan sabi ninyo misogynist ako, magbiro ako nang ganun, that’s my style. It’s too late to change.

If I want to joke, I will joke. Jukjukin mo o ‘di…  Ngayon kung maniwala kayo, eh g*** kayo. [laughter]

Q: Thank you, sir.



— END —