Media Interview of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte following the 31st Annual Convention of the Prosecutor’s League of the Philippines

Event 31st Annual Convention of the Prosecutor’s League of the Philippines
Location Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Q: Sir, good morning — ay good evening. Sir, just a few details on the declaration, sir, ‘yung concept po nung revolutionary government. What will that entail po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We do not have a — an exact and definite definition of what a revolutionary government is.

So wala. It’s just an ano — an ordinary term, revolutionary government. Usually it happens when there is a military coup or a president — well, he goes against his own government.

Q: Sir, ‘yon pong sinabi niyo na if you’re pushed against the wall…?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, that was just really a threat that you do not push me to the extreme because it would be dangerous for everybody.

Q: Si Pia po…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It might not really end the way you would like it to be.

Q: Sir, ‘yung sa Chinese vessels sa Kalayaan Island. What do you plan to do about the vessels, sir?


Q: Kalayaan, sir. Pag-asa po. Pag-asa Island. Palawan, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Are they there already?

Q: ‘Yun pong mga Chinese.

Q: ‘Yung mga Chinese vessels, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, the — I have yet to have a confirmation for that. Wala, kasi otherwise the military would have informed me as urgent as what you are trying to say now.

Q: Sir, may report po ‘yung Western Command na from first quarter January to March meron pong namataan na 275 na mga Chinese vessels. And according to the Western Command, they are Chinese militia. They are on our Pag-asa Island, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, the Pag-asa Island belongs to us. Is that the — ‘yung base natin? Ah of course, China would never do that. I assure you. Unless China wants a war with us. I — hindi ako papayag kung pati ‘yang Pag-asa i-occupy nila? No, of course not.

Q: Sir, meron pong mga Chinese vessels. Ang sinasabi po ng Western Command ay they are not fisherman, they are militia, ibig sabihin employed under the Chinese administration. They are there already, sir, as far as Western Command is.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I said that is part of the conflict because they have gobbled up the whole of China Sea. Para sa kanila, kanila ‘yan. So they feel free to roam around and do whatever — but they actually never harmed or arrested any Filipino.

I am sure that it has something to do with the greater game of geopolitics and it is not directed to us. And I assure you that if they kill or arrest people there who are Filipinos, then that would be the time that we will have to decide on what to do.

Q: Sir, konti pa, ‘yon pong ating DFA said that the presence of the Chinese vessel is a violation of our sovereignty, sovereign rights, and jurisdiction. Given that statement, sir, would you rather that China maybe move away from the area?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganito ‘yan eh. We are — there’s a conflicting claim. We say that it’s ours because of the economic zone that’s given to us. Then they say that it’s part of their territory. That is why there is a conflict not only with us but with the peripheral countries around China Sea.

Now kung gusto natin, you have two options: we drive them away by force. Oh can — can we do that? Oh… Unless we want to commit suicide.

If you go to war, the first step of China would be to launch its missile. In seven minutes, it would arrive Manila. Bec — before you can make a forth of your journey to where you want to go.

Q: So sir no need to drive them away?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It’s not a — it’s not the… It’s not “no need.” We — we go into a compromise for the time being kasi hind nga. I… If we go to war or there is a violent conflict, we would never win and I would suffer beyond imagination.

I would just go there and send my soldiers and policemen to be slaughtered. I am not prepared to do that.

Q: Good evening po, Mr. President. May I ask po kung kailan ilalabas ‘yung second matrix ng narco list at saka po kung meron po bang kasamang taga-Palawan?


Q: May… ‘Yon daw pong drug matrix kung may kasamang taga-Palawan? Kailan daw po ilalabas?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The list? Actually I do not have the list. Alam mo sa listahan, to tell you the truth, about the only time that I would read the names there and I do not know them, there is no — a biodata of every violator. It’s just a name and the place where they operate their game — distribution, trafficking.

Pero hindi ko talaga kilala ‘yan sila. Honestly I’m telling you, I am not a — an all-knowing Filipino from Davao City to know who are the criminals all around the country. Hindi ko talaga al — kilala.

Q: Sir, nabalitaan niyo na po ‘yung video tungkol kay Pulong?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, that is a propaganda that has been repeated all the time. Alam mo — alam ko propaganda na ‘yan. I was told. Eh pabalik-balik na ‘yang… I assure you, we are not into it.

Ngayon, the purveyor of that is number one, Nograles and the rest of the yellow. Yellow ‘yan, pati spearheaded by… So hinahayaan ko na lang ‘yan si Trillanes because that is — that has become his passion. Hindi na ako pumapatol sa ano.

Kaya sabi ko kayong mga bakla… I do not have to give the name. Iyan sa mga critics ko tanungin ninyo kung sino at alam ninyo kung sino siya.

Q: Sino po ‘yan, sir? Pangalanan niyo na.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ay sus. Ikaw alam mo. Alam mo ‘yan kasi ‘yan marunong magtingin ‘yan. Hindi ‘yan — hindi ko nga na ano eh. By just body language, alam ng mga bakla kung ika’y…

Bakit sabi nila ayaw mo na lang maglaglag? Kasi alam mo kung sino. Sino sabihin mo? Alam ko man alam mo.

Q: [unclear]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi, hindi. It matters because it’s a public interest. Sino? Sa body language — malaman ninyo eh. Ano?

Q: Sir, ‘yung sa celebrity list, hindi niyo ilalabas ‘yung mga celebrities?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganito ‘yan, they are not seeking public office.

Q: Pero kilala niyo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: So it will be pub — at an appropriate time maybe. If they are out to be arrested and say, “Look the name appear — appears in that list.”

Pero kung ilabas mo ng… Wala namang rason kung bakit. Hindi naman sila — they are not up to an election. People have nothing to do with their lives except that they are committing a crime.

Pero kung sabihin mo ilabas ko without any purpose at all, eh masama… Ang ilabas ko ‘yung — those seeking public office. People have the right to know kung sino ‘yung mga tao na nilalagay nila sa public office.

Q: Sir, ‘yung mga artista kilala mo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi ko rin alam. Kasi hindi ko nga nakita ‘yan eh. Honestly. And you can ask anybody there inside. Hindi ako nakikialam, sa totoo lang. Basta hinayaan ko para walang issue na I am influencing or they were being listed there upon my instigation.

Hindi ako nakikialam. Hindi rin ako humingi ng kopya. But on the day na i-publish ‘yan, I should know so that I have — I would have the right answers to give to the inquiring public.

Q: Thank you, sir.