Media Interview of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte Following his Attendance to the Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC) Day and Official Signing of the Loan Agreement for the Malolos-Clark Railway Project, and Presentation of the 2019 New Generation Currency Banknotes

Event Media Interview of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
Location Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace

Q: Sir, you said kanina — sabi mo po, you better resign or we will file you charges. ‘Pag nag-resign ba sila, you will not file charges anymore?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, that would be up to the Ombudsman. That is not my discretion. The Ombudsman is the prosecutor sa mga taga-gobyerno who are facing charges.

Q: Sir, who are these BOC officials that you are going to fire?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I… Let me correct you. I’m talking about a number of employees sa Customs.

Q: Employees lang, sir?

Q: Sir, how high up do they go?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hanggang maabot. But those who are facing charges and those who are or who have been implicated in shenanigans.

Q: Sir, when do you plan to call them for a meeting? When do you plan sir to call them?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Dito, dito ko sila pina-report Monday.

Q: Ah Monday?

Q: What particular…?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi, hindi. Let me be very clear. Let me talk. I will relieve them of their duties. As yet, they are not ousted or dismissed because of their right to be heard.

But tinatanggal ko na sila sa trabaho nila ngayon to prevent further damage sa government interest.

Q: Sir, sa speakership po…?

Q: Ano po ‘yung mga kaso nila?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh ‘di siyempre ‘di corruption.

Q: Sir, is there a specific shipment — can you identify some shipments they were involved in?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, those who are facing charges must be connected in connection with a shipment. Those who are the players, well, they have to go.

Q: Specifically ‘yung shabu shipments po ba, are they also involved?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, hindi masyado but this is over the years.

Q: Sir, anong nangyari sa meeting mo kay Murad, sir? Anong nangyari po sa meeting niyo ni Murad? Murad, sir, Murad.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, we are trying to fine-tune. And that is why the truth of the matter is I really transferred Piñol to assist them. Hindi naman ito husbandry — nandiyan na ‘yan eh.

But wala akong point man doon na taga-roon ipinanganak, doon lumaki, a farmer, he became governor for a long time. I’m sure he can help the BARMM and the government to fast track everything.

I am most interested na makita na ng Moro people ‘yung hinihingi nila. To move faster so that you will re — you will realize the dream state that you have been asking for and fighting for.

Q: Sir, did the BARMM officials, Mr. Murad, agree? Did he accept the appointment?


Q: Sir, ‘yung sa speakership lang. Sa — si Pulong po sabi niya baka hindi pa sigurado ‘yung kay Alan baka magkaroon ng coup d’état sa 22?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Have you heard of wishful thinking?

Q: So you are confident he will get enough votes?


Q: Alan.


Q: Okay, sir. Sir, how about kay MNLF Chair Nur Misuari, ano po ‘yung napag-usapan ninyo po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We have — we have also tentatively scheduled the talks between the MILF and government next week. So mag-uusap kami kung anong klaseng structure ang gusto nila.

Q: Sir, comment lang. Si Amal Clooney daw po will represent Maria?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kaya naman ni Panelo ‘yan. [laughter]

Panelo, he’s a good match.

Q: Sir, ‘yun pong UNHCR ‘yung Iceland has filed a resolution to have the Human Rights Council of the United Nations to have a report on the human rights situation in the Philippines? What do you think of it?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Who’s gonna make it?

Q: ‘Yung UNHCR po as proposed by UN Human Rights Council as proposed by Iceland.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Bahala sila. Kung ako magtrabaho hindi ako… That’s crazy. But they — they can.

But tayo lahat. They will realize that ‘yang kay De Lima, masadsad talaga kayo diyan. Eh naniwala sila doon sa ano eh…

Q: Can they come here into the country?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: My only question before a court if I permit an inquiry, “Ms. De Lima, are you a moral person?” Then I will show you some clips. “Is this how you remain moral?” Now, sige sabihin ko sa mga ano…

Q: Can the Human Rights Council come into the Philippines to investigate?


Q: ‘Yung UN Human Rights Council, can they come into the Philippines and investigate?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Let them state their purpose and I will review it.

Q: Salamat, sir.

 PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kasi kung magdagdag lang sila sa intriga, they better go to the media and the media will tell them the truth. Eh ipalabas ninyo ‘yung footages ninyong lahat and all, and that will clear everybody.

— END —

 Source: PCOO-PND (Presidential News Desk)