Media Interview of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the Gala Premiere of “Kontradiksyon

Event Media Interview
Location SM Megamall, Ortigas, Pasig City

Q: Sir, few questions lang sir. Sir, regarding China. Sir, address na lang the Filipino fishermen who feel na parang medyo they are not being addressed.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I was both not really criticizing but calling the attention of China and America to… One is to settle the trade war — iyong about the tariffs. And the second is China should by now be ready with a conduct…

Q: Code of conduct…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: …of the sea — Code of Conduct of the Sea. Because the longer it takes for them to do it, the more they are egging — they are titillating America and the rest of the Western powers to test the waters always.

And one day, a single miscalculation… Kasi ang America both engage in two fronts: it’s the Middle East, ‘yung Iran. And it also could explode anytime. As a matter of fact, they had plans already to go to war but he withdrew it.

The second itong sa China, it could be a silent irritation but the — if it goes — if it explodes, the consequences are really terrible. It could… It will not be acceptable to anybody because it will end everything.

Q: Mayor, sino po ‘yung gusto niyong neutral party para sa investigation doon sa Recto Bank?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I — it has to be… Para sigurong… I don’t know if China would be agreeable but there has to be… We have our own. I think it’s about to be completed.

I already have the preliminary reports from the Coast Guard and Navy, okay. But the official report has yet to be prepared and given to me for publication to the people.

Iyon ‘yung atin. But if they want another investigation, payag man ako. Or they can always also investigate on their own and we can confront each other with our evidence here.

Q: So it will not be a joint? Hindi po siya joint?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kung ayaw nila, okay lang.

Q: So kailangan pa kayo ng third party, Mayor?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo kung ako, it’s always biased even if it’s not. Kung kanila namang report, it would always be according to the theory of the incident.

So sa atin it’s prejudiced. Eh di walang mangyari bale tabla rin. Now we can bring it to the — to a board of… It’s a maritime incident ‘yan eh. Little in the sense that it did not result to any confrontation. This was not to belittle anything.

There was damage but luckily nobody died. But maliit itong bagay na ito for anybody to bring in the war — the grey ships — the grey ships are the war ships. They are known as the grey ships. Iyan ang cliché niyan.

Q: Sir, address lang the fishermen who feel na parang medyo nababalewala sila or namamaliit ‘yung nangyari sa kanila.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I’m sorry, but that’s how it is. It is a maritime incident. Little in the sense that there was no confrontation, there was no bloody violence.

Pero kung gusto mo na gumanti na doon na ano —well that is not. That is not a reason to go to any military exercise there. ‘Pag ginawa mo ‘yan giyera ‘yan.

So I’m sorry if that — iyon ang feeling nila. But alam naman nila na that area is claimed by both.

Para sa kanila, sa China, it happened within their jurisdiction. Sa atin, within our jurisdiction. Because we have two conflicting claims of ownership.

Q: So Mayor agree po kayo doon sa magkaroon ng third party doon sa Recto…?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, if it’s going to be a Marine Board of Inquiry, whatever satisfies the requirement of fair play and due process.

Due process that everybody should be heard. Fair play is that there’s no one that is under suspicion of siding with the other. And you can only do that kung may board kayo na… Kasi ‘pag kanila lang then we compare — which would always be contradictory I suppose, that can be presumed. Eh di walang mangyari. Eh di parang walang insidente.

Q: Sino kaya pwede, Mayor?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t know but I think the lower — they are talking it on a lower level.

Q: Sir, should we prevent China from fishing in our EEZ? Iyon pong pwede po bang — kasi ‘yon ‘yung request ng mga fishermen?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t think that China would do that. Why? Because we’re friends.

And they are of the same view that that should not result in any bloody confrontation.

Q: Sir, do you have a House Speaker already?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: House Speaker… Look I just came from Bangkok. Nagpatong ang trabaho ko. I have to go home because I have to work.

I have so many papers to sign. Maybe when I sit for a — in the bathroom and begin to ponder, I might decide on what to do.

Q: Sir, sir, this early can we say though na actions will be taken against the Chinese — ‘yung involved doon sa Chinese — ‘yung nandoon po sa Chinese vessel?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Cannot do that unless you investigate. But whether or not it is acceptable to the Chinese side is something which is altogether different.

Sorry guys I have plenty of work to do. I’m late because I have been out of the country three days and I have been working.

Papers are piling up including the appointments of ‘yung nasa ngayon.

Ah they are correct. It’s Garma of the PNP ang mag — who would replace Bato — ah Balutan.

Q: Sino? Garma?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Colonel… Babae ‘to. Ilocano taga-Cagayan Valley.

Q: PCSO, sir? Bagong PCSO, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Lt. Colonel ito sa…

Q: Sir, anong magiging posisyon po sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: ‘Yung sa PCSO. Balutan has been out. Si Garma ang papalit.

— END —