Media Interview of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the dedication of Rodrigo Duterte III

Event Media Interview
Location Lumpini Hall, Dusit Thani Residence Davao, Stella Hizon Reyes Drive, Pampanga, Davao City

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Public office is — let me characterize everything — public office is a very honorable thing but politics, well, everywhere is always dirty.

So ‘yung pagka-Bise Presidente mo, it’s noble, and I’m happy that you are there kasi kilala ko ‘yung asawa mo, hindi ikaw. Magkasama kami, remember? During the time of the election of President Aquino? Robredo was a Cabinet member and also — I think she was manager of the campaign.

So magkakilala kami in respect for her. Pero ‘yung politics, ‘yung what you say everything even if it is I said by design or negligence, somebody is going to fish it from your mouth and use it during election time.

Alam mo sa election time, magkababa — pati nga ang mga network eh sumama sa babuyan. Ganyan, it’s a garbage. And even the networks really were into garbage, ‘yung billion-billion. Eh tignan mo pala — if you have time I can…

If you want — anybody who is interested could always go to me and tell me — tell me publicly and I will ask the Central Bank governor to open everybody’s account, my account, your account, lahat ng Pilipino na may bangkong — pera sa bangko.

Iyan sa Central Bank. It is the central
— kumbaga simply stated is simply the central recorder of all deposits of all Filipinos in the different banks.

Q: Kung ayaw niyo na daw po sa kanya sabihin niyo lang daw po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi ako — ayaw ko sa kanya. Sinabi ko lang, I cannot trust her. Kasi hindi kami magka — kung sabihin mo sa trabaho lang, kung trabaho ka lang diyan, well, she would be asking ano…

Ganito ‘yan eh. She would be asking for the job description. It’s there in the law, it’s there in the executive order creating itong ICAD, ICAD o ICAD. Nandiyan ‘yan. So basahin lang niya ‘yan, it’s all there and that is where she would really exercise ‘yung — kung meron.

Pero kung sabihin mo na she will ask the paper, examine and all of these things, so there is what you would call the need to know. Is there a need for you, Leni, to know everything? I don’t think it’s good.

Q: Si former President Aquino is questioning you appointing Vice President Robredo about you saying also that you don’t trust her. May message po ba kayo kay former President Aquino?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, that is not transferable. Hindi kami magka-partido and that thing is not…

Ang pinaka-ano lang namin — ang pinagsamahan lang namin ni Robredo at — nagkampanya kami kay Aquino for the simple reason that the mother of Aquino appointed me once upon a time the vice mayor OIC of Davao City.

Q: Sir, despite the trust issue you still want her to be the —?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I am not saying that. I appointed her. She wants to work? She needs to know what is the — what is the description of her work. It is in the job description. It is found in executive law creating the ICAD or ICAD.

Q: Sir, si Secretary Panelo sinabi po niya nakukulangan po siya kay — kay VP Leni. Do you share the same sentiment? Nakukulangan pa po ba kayo sa ginagawa niya ngayon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, insofar as what she is doing now, I re — that is not very clear to me. Nakukulangan siya sa ability niya, I don’t… One, she’s a lawyer. Kanya-kanyang assessment ‘yan.

Ako, hindi pa siya nagta-trabaho talaga nang husto. I have yet to see the Vice President working as an ICAD or ICAD chair, co-chair, and there is a product of their discussion…

Q: So ano po ang sharing nila ni PDEA Director? Ano po ba ang sharing talaga nila ni General Aquino sir pagdating sa pagiging — ?
PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, it’s a — it will — it would greatly depend on what they agree upon. There are the broad outlines provided in that…

Q: Sir, kasama niyo si Representative Velasco. Have you talked about House speakership?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nasaan si Velasco? About the speakership raw?

Q: Napaguusapan niyo po ba, sir? Pero napagusapan, sir… And recently, sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganito ‘yan. Ang usapan namin before the election at saka — not really election, ‘yung dito sa ano. Ang usapan namin is sharing the entire — half, half.

Ngayon, if anyone of them would not honor it, be it Lord Velasco or si Peter Cayetano that is — that would be his decision.

But iyon, he has to take care that there is an agreement of sharing. If you violate it… Usapan ‘yan.

Q: But for you, sir, are you satisfied with the work of Congress under the leadership of Speaker Cayetano?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, of course. Sabi ko he is a shining star. Ngayon si ano — pati itong si Bong, wala akong nakikitang pumipitik ngayon, sa newspaper lumalabas palagi sa TV. Sa lahat ng sunog nandoon. Pati siya nasunog na, nagpaa siguro doon.

But you know, whatever you say, the guy has been elected already. And if he wants to perform his duty, aside from being a legislator, he’s a senator, whether it is really for politics or for something else, if he wants to feel — it feels good, that is his entire…

Q: So you’re okay sir if ever man na hindi ma — hindi ma-honor ‘yung term-sharing and Cayetano goes on as House Speaker?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We — we should answer that question when we cross the bridge. Okay lang…

Q: Sir, may message lang kayo… Message lang sa mga athlete for the SEA games?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. I wish them all the luck and my fervent prayers goes with it.

Q: Sir, sa House isinusulong ‘yung four-day work week. Would you agree? Four-day work week gawin po para po to lessen the traffic in metro?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I have to discuss it with the — I have to discuss it with the Cabinet. I have to discuss it with Bello and the rest.

Q: But you’re okay with it, sir? Open?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I am open to… I have not yet decided really. I just want to hear.

Q: Sir, napag-usapan po ninyo ni Congressman Velasco ‘yung term-sharing?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala. Ngayon? Ah social.

Q: Walang term-sharing?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Walang term-sharing. Hindi pa kasi dumating eh.

Q: So sa ngayon, sir, tuloy-tuloy pa rin ‘yung naging usapan na term-sharing po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Iyon ang usapan. That was an agreement — a solemn agreement between the three of us. If you want to use the vernacular, usapang lalaki ‘yon.

— END —