Interview of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte at “Give Us This Day” by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy

Event "Give Us This Day" by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy
Location Kingdom of Jesus Christ Compound Broadcasting Studio, Sasa, Davao City

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: Thank you, Nori, and good evening. Good evening to all.

Once again we welcome into this program Give Us This Day our own very own beloved President of the Republic of the Philippines — President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Welcome, Mayor, once again. [applause]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Good evening, Pastor, and good evening to everybody. Once again allow me to express my gratitude for allowing me so many times to use the facilities of the kingdom so that I can send across my messages to the Filipino people.

There’s one thing that you may have noticed, Pastor, I do not give interviews using other facilities private or — not even the government-owned TV, seldom if at all.

I like it here because I — God is so near and I tend to control my mouth and out of respect to you and the public. It seems that there is such an aura of holiness in this hall and I count numbers before I make some epithets, curses and all. Mas behave ako dito.

SIS. ELEANOR CARDONA: Thank you so much, Mayor. Meron po tayong mga questions dito and what can we expect from — for the next half of your term po?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, one is that I have to preserve the accomplishments. The drug situation is quite low and therefore the crime rate, the index crimes, medyo bumaba rin.

But what is very noticeable is the reduced number of crimes against persons. As for example, robbery on the streets, well sometimes murder but it has dropped to about 40 percent.

So Manila which is really the center of our attention, what happens in Manila makes the news all over the country. I think people can… What I promised was if elected president, I would return the right of the citizens to use the streets, alleys, parks and all without fear.

And I have — I think I made my mark very clear. There are less drugs on the streets. So this still come in numbers on both sides from the east and western side — the eastern is the Pacific and the western is the ones facing South China Sea. But I intend to keep it low if not eradicate all. That is one I would like to maintain.

Second is the number of graft and corruption. As a matter of fact, before I left and it’s here, I suspended about 64. And that has always been my problem, Pastor.

You may have heard me one time venting my frustration before the public and I said I think I — I regret running for the presidency and winning it because I cannot cope up with the corruption in government.

Sometimes I feel hopeless, helpless. Hindi ko talaga maaabutan. And you know even in the Cabinet, I have fired about six close friends. Well, not necessarily direct graft and corruption but sometimes incompetence and… Well, the lack of industry is very important because we work for the people and sometimes it really takes its toll in the matter of time and health. It’s also my same problem.

To this day, half of my term — meron pa ako sigurong mga I think about mga 4,000 appointments to be signed. Would you believe it? Meron pang mga bakante ngayon marami. But you know I am one — maybe because of my training as a lawyer that before I sign I have to read and it takes time just reading the voluminous papers.

And asking questions about — well sometimes the integrity of the person, competence and all. Kaya matagal ang proseso ngayon unlike before because maybe I don’t know but…

Alam mo kasi it has been the practice of government and so in private also maybe, I have not worked in a private institution. ‘Pag may initial na, if there’s an initial signed under your name, it means somebody has reviewed it and it’s okay.

If you would notice the papers going out of my office walang mga initial because it’s a bit scribbling something there does not mean anything to me. I have to just really ponder on the papers. Sometimes sleep on it and decide after a few hours of sleep early morning. But it’s a — sometimes a Cabinet meeting would last until 4 o’clock.

And then I go home to have my dinner with my security — almost of them are the girls. I usually invite only the girls to break bread with me before going to sleep. But sila — but I assign some important and urgent matters. That is why I said it’s sleep that I really — kulang. Because at 12, I said my day starts at 12. I wake up, take a bath and I… Now that I am — a little bit na lang, hindi naman little, older — I seem to be losing my appetite. Kaya ako nagpayat eh. And I used to consume one cup of a… Ngayon, half of it will do and it can carry me until morning time.

But this time I just came from Tagum to distribute the titles of the condominiums that I have built for the NPAs. They are happy that they have houses and that they are learning skills sa TESDA. And they are responsive to the entities of government to invite more to… I’m addressing them. I’m not actually interested in killing people except drugs and outright murderers, kidnappers, especially those who well rape children, kill them or kidnap people and demand ransom and after that still go ahead to kill ‘yung… Those people I think would not [broadcast interruption]

… deserve any right to live any longer. I don’t know if the human rights agree. But kung ganun ang — if that is the way how you treat your fellow human being, you kidnap or you rape a family. Just for example in Bulacan, you rape the blind mother, rape the daughter-in-law, rape the 14-year-old granddaughter and pakialaman mo pa ‘yung one-year-old, medyo I think I’ll have to disagree with the human rights people.

If you are counting only the victims and that is one. I said to me, you are just carcass. If you are a criminal to me and I see you there lying down there on the streets and if I’m sure that you are really a bad guy, you are just plain carcass to me.

But what I grieve really is the social dysfunctions that — the social dysfunction in the Philippines today. And there are millions of addicts. And if the breadwinner, the father for example, gets contaminated, the family will collapse. So this will be a socially dysfunctional family. And you have to count the father who is the vic – maybe a drug pusher because he has to push to support his… Well, when the monkey strikes — rides on your back, you have to have it. So sometimes he kills, he robs, ‘yan ganun. Iyan ang buhay na niya.

I don’t know about the wife. Sometimes she just gambles with the — this fly-by-night recruitment and up in the slave markets of Africa and the Middle East. And they are abused to no end.

Masakit sa akin ‘yan eh. That’s why I intend especially if it concerns my — and even today I… There was one ambassador I call because of a Filipina being killed and I was so overwhelmed with anger. He understood because he was an ambassador for a long time. Sabi ko, “You better handle this…”

Sabagay naman things were corrected but those are the things that really affect me. And the you know ang itong human rights hanggang kriminal lang sila eh. They are just interested to know na sino itong pinatay if they are really into it also of investigation.

But every time they see a cadaver or a dead person there, they will just assume that it is a victim of extrajudicial killing. So we are not into it. I mean maybe, ako, ako mismo, maybe. But kung sabihin mo na indiscriminate killing of your fellow human being? There has to be a reason.

Pero ‘yung mga sa droga, maybe — just maybe true. Pero ‘yung iba diyang namamatay, just not — don’t be a hipster na they will just proceed to conclude that it’s a victim of human rights. Especially maybe if he has in his pocket a sachet and they would just simply assume that he was killed by government.

We do not do that actually. Pero kung sa malalaki, for example — and I’d be frank, ‘yung sabi nila na big time, maliliit lang, you have failed to appreciate the drive of government. Mayors: Parojinog, Espinosa, Mabilog is not — is out of the country. He has not returned and so with some councilors in the western side. Maraming ‘yung nawala na dahil lumipat na ‘yung pamilya.

But you know if you get the authority from government, from the judge and take a look at the bank accounts, I cannot believe that you’d be earning 7 billion on money lending only. Iyong mga ganun. Ewan ko the guy is dead but ‘yung — in the course of the investigation as President sometimes nakikialam ako, I’d like to see the papers, the dossier as they say. And ‘yon nalaman ko. What’s the momentum of the drug agencies tasked of controlling or stopping. That’s one.

Second is I’d like to maintain the momentum of graft. You know, Pastor, I will not live forever. But maybe as President I have this — not everybody is given a chance to address to the people. But let me give you two statements that would really be the mantra of a Republic. Two sentences: If we cannot control corruption in government and if we cannot have law and order, no matter what. And even if you give a guy 20 years to do it, if you cannot stop corruption and if you cannot control the law and order in this country, mahirap talaga.

Corruption, I am really — alam nila ‘yan sa gobyerno. Everybody knows now that magkamali ka basta corruption wala ako. I have a zero tolerance for people. You know, I’ve been mayor of the city for 23 years, sa awa ng Diyos wala naman kayong… And my father who was a governor way, way ahead of me.

He died 1968. I became mayor ‘88. You can hardly call that a dynasty. Ngayon na lang. But ‘yung — the preservation of the Filipino, importante ‘yung maghinto talaga ang…

You have — okay, you deal with revolutionaries. Thank God that we were able to negotiate a peace agreement with the — Murad and the MILF and that’s what you would call now the BARMM, controlling the certain territory in Mindanao with a more adjustable local initiative — local autonomy, much, much powerful than the one given to the rest of the country. ‘Yan.

Then you have Misuari. I said that in — maybe in God’s own time, he will realize and I’m ready also to offer to him the same — well, the same structure of government with the same concession and maybe I will permanently open Sulu as a barter trade area, tanggalin ko ‘yung controls but no outright smuggling.

So dalawa ‘yung revolutionaries. But they are connected with territory. So ‘yung dalawa ito. They are not really after for just killing. They’re waging a revolution because they felt that itong original Moro, sila ‘yan dito, they were the originals.

Now, if you are a Visayan, if you are an — if you talk in Ilocano, Pampangueño in your house then you are not a — an original Mindanao resident. ‘Yung Maguindanao, Kalagan, ‘yan ‘yan sila. The tribes are very important to discern.

So sila ‘yang nauna dito. And I think the evangelist of Islam came way ahead by so many years before the landing of Magellan in Leyte, 1521, bringing with him, well, colonialism then a form of government which was an imperial thing and religion.

But we were subjugated by the Spaniards for 400 years. Quite a bit in the past. So many waters have passed the bridge. But the — come to think of it, it was not really right for them to — whether it was because of religion or because of something else.

So ‘yang dalawa. ‘Yung dalawang — well it’s part of the colonials ‘yan, itong dalawang revolutions. The third revolution, which is being fought now is the most dangerous and that prompted me to say that I see danger ahead.

I’m talking of the ISIS. Because the ISIS take — takes their order from the Middle East. They’re not even called Abu Sayyaf anymore. They are the extremists who just want to kill and destroy and sometimes in utter — I don’t know. Magsabi na it is their obligation to kill a Christian or whatever.

Pagka ganun ang — if that is what you want to accomplish in this world, there will always be wars because the guy facing you would also say, “I also want to kill a terrorist in my life.”

So you can never say that you are driven because a powerful ideology na gusto mo lang sirain. You know, God, Allah, balances the whole thing. I am sure. I am sure because my mother is a Maranao. I am sure that they are not in good faith or in good standing before Allah. Itong mga terorista na ‘to.

I can say it without batting an eyelash. They’re such a — savages. Wala silang — magpatay, they destroyed the Middle East, they destroyed… Well, of course Iraq, America started it. But Libya and Syria, they are in control and they are going out of the mainland Africa to — to go to other places, to us and ‘yon pinapaputok nila.

That’s why I said I will not make a categorical statement here, it’s not good, pero the bombings of Lamitan and ‘yung — I was there in Jolo yesterday. It was raining very hard. Where — to the place where there was this bombing, Lami — ah sa ano. Pumunta talaga ako doon.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Indanan. And I’ve been to Patikul also. Pinupuntahan ko talaga ‘yung lugar na… Just to show that we are concerned of not only the welfare of the soldiers but also of the — the Moro. The innocent Moro who does not have anything to do with the killing and the atrocity.

And so ang pinapu — how about the people? Are they really safe? You know when there’s a kind of thing in the towns around Basilan, people there are under stress most of the time. And trouble comes in to other places in the Philippines, Mindanao then you put your nation in perpetual anxiety.

And of course it would not make me happy. I said that do not ever think that you monopolize evil in this country. All — all of us have streaks of hellish a… So better to remember that, that you’re not the only one who can do it. I can do it 10 times better.

Were it not for my God, which prohibits crime, cruelty, brutality and killing and unlawful deaths, nandiyan pa rin ‘yung — kasi ang ano natin eh, the values that we have learned from our parents and in school.

To be kind to some priests, there were really in — in our… I studied Ateneo, wala pa namang mga babae doon then we got expelled so I went to Cor Jesu, that was known as Holy Cross of — it was run by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, the French-Canadian.

That’s where I and Dureza and four of us who were expelled when — but Dureza was already there. Dureza is very good, very bright. He was not suspended even for a minute. But we, we are the veterans of the…

I do not want to talk about these priests, but some of them really very good. I mean I have no quarrel. It’s just the imperial Manila. It is the 400 of society. So the world would say na itong mga bishops, kowtow to itong mga rich people. And you can maybe say it that discernment was — I mean I discerned it even before the election.

It was always the extrajudicial killing and women. While we have our — we do not want to talk about it, I do not want to answer it. But if you really want to know what or how, where you can find it na at least there’s a sense of security, you can go out in the evening, unmolested, wala lang kalokohan, maybe it’s in Davao right now.

At 12 o’clock. Ang akin kasi at 12 o’clock, it used to be 2, I reduced it to 1 when I became mayor. We have to sleep. We cannot be forever drinking and that’s…

Then sabi ko no more serving of alcoholic drinks. What they do is just to order in advance. So before the clock strikes 12, they order, para masabi nila order na. Well, this lady came, the mayor, what she did was to — she didn’t respect the orders of how — how many cases. The business stops and everybody goes home.

So wala na. So that’s why people have — they have learned how to adjust. But palagay ko naman gusto rin nila. They like how discipline can change a…

Si Inday is more strict than me. Ako nag-aano pa ako, but Inday mahirap. As you would — they realized now talagang mahirap si Inday kausapin lalo na sa ganung bagay. Ako naman, I can always — naaawa. But Inday, walang ano. She’s no middle ground. Either you follow or palo. [laughter] Mahirap ‘yan.

So ‘yan. Ang sunod, pardon for my slow — sinabi ko na sa’yo kumain ako kasi gutom ako eh. It’s still being digested. I was very hungry that’s why coming here, I requested for a lugaw first. But I did not consume it all because the food after this is — is terrific.

So that’s it. That’s the picture. So there is the revolution, then there’s ISIS. Then we have the Communist Party of the Philippines. So I have to worry.

I said I came there building houses for them just to — not to entice but to show to them that if we can just have a communication good enough to understand each other’s — whatever you want. Then I’ve been — I think I have built something like almost 15,000 all over the country.

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: A home for them. Wow.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Iyong condo. Then — but it has to be a township because building a condo on its own alone will not do. You have to provide the — because usually you can acquire lands outside of the population center. It’s cheaper. Kung magbili ka doon sa ano, mahal.

But you have to see to it that they can come — they can travel, so ang mobility. And there has to be a market nearby. There has to be a church. There has to be a — so sort of a township. Pagka gumawa ka, providing the shelter alone will not do.

You have to provide an economic activity in that — however small the community is — you have to provide an economic activity. So kung may mga ano sila, then you have to give capital and you have to bring in the TESDA who trains people for special skills.

If you’d notice, Pastor — where was that in Manila? There’s a building there which says that — two buildings — and the work has stopped. “We need master carpenters, master electricians.” We do not have it anymore. All — almost of the ones that who has the expertise doon na sa Middle East.

So what they do — and it’s true, you can ask them — is they go and send delegations to the Middle East and convince the Filipinos there who are the masters of their skills trade, add more incentive by way of an increased salary to bring them back.

Kung itong mga — itong mga NPA na ito matuto lang ‘to, they will have — we can replenish the… But most of them are going out, mga babae, teachers. There are a lot of Filipinos in Thailand, China. We have about 300,000 teachers.

The Chinese people want to talk English in such a way that it’s spoken by the Americans you know. [laughter] And it’s kind of — you said you get an accent somewhere and the drawl. And maraming Pilipino ngayon nandoon teaching voice and diction because they really want to talk to…

And that’s why I said China has… I said there’s a book, The Marathon. The one hundred years marathon of competition between China and the USA. I think, in all honesty, in terms of everything, China has overtaken the US. So that’s well… That’s my worry.

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: How about the issue of the West Philippine Sea?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The West Philippine Sea, Pastor, is something like this…

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: Scarborough, ganon.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It’s not really a matter who owns the property. So we’re claiming it as ours. And as a matter of fact, we filed an arbitral — we filed a case for arbitration actually, and we won. But the problem is the property is not enough possession. It is with China who claims it also to be his property, their property. But you know, sabi ko nga kaibigan ko man si Xi Jinping.

I’d really would like to ask the experts and the lawyers: How come you are claiming an entire ocean? It really baffles me to imagine na… You know, an ocean, there are islands, lands, nations, countries surrounding it. So wherever it is situated you have always to maintain the 12 ours territorial. Then we came up with the 200 miles exclusive economic zone.

Ito ngayon, sabi ng China kanila. Way back in — sino ba ‘yon? I did not lose China. It was there. Arbitral na nga ang dumating sa akin eh. Sometime about — during the time of Aquino, meron tayong ship, the Rajah Soliman. It was patrolling the ships. We were claiming that part of China Sea, not the whole but a part na atin.

‘Di it was confronted by not even a military ship. A military ship is sometimes called a gray ship. So in the absence of a war, you do not send gray ships because that would be an indication that something is wrong. And war, you know, you use it for war.

What you’d see are the white ships, so ito lang mga Coast Guard. But we sent there ours, ‘yung Rajah Soliman. And so there was this standoff, if you remember. Ang standoff… So it was so getting to be near the boiling point. Some nations intervened including America. And the deal was for China and for the Philippines to withdraw.

Ang nangyari, the Phili — Albert, itong si Albert, siya man ‘yung ambassador — ordered our Navy to withdraw but the Chinese did not move their ship out of the area. On that day, we lost the Scarborough Shoal.

So ‘yon. Tapos then we filed the case, ‘yon na nga ‘yung ruling na atin. Then they are baiting me to drive them away to protect our marine resources and everything, the fish there. So they want me to drive out the Chinese.

When I was mayor, the first thing I did — because the Americans did not give me arms, they suspended it but I knew that from all intelligence flowing in, Marawi was a brewing already. They were passing around firearms. So alam ko na na it would get worse.

So meron tayong 23,000 worth of rifles because ‘yung sa police… You know, a rifle is only good as a — only good up to a time when it has exhausted of fires because every time a bullet travels inside it’s heated — super heat talaga ‘yan tapos natutunaw ‘yan. In due time, loosened na ‘yan.

So if there is no more trajectory, because around that barrel inside is a groove. Kaya ‘yang pagpaputok ng bala, umiikot ‘yan sa loob. So it comes out of the barrel twirling. May sarili siyang momentum. So ‘yung mga hangin hindi — kasi may sarili siyang ikot eh. O wala na so nagbili ako. So hindi ibinigay ng America. I don’t know why.

So I went to China. I was there to say na kung pwede pautangin mo ako. But if I have the money, I’ll pay you now. Sabi niya, “It’s okay.” Gratis, ibinigay nila. Then I said — and most of the Cabinet members were there, I brought them with me. Sinabi ko sa China na, “And another one is I’d like to go to near the Malampaya — Scarborough to dig oil in my property.”

So kami ni Xi Jinping, in a bilateral, he was talking almost in whisper, sabi niya, “You know…” Ito that was what he said ‘yan ‘yung mga Cabinet members, “We just restored our relations.” Kasi nagkagalit eh. Nag-away sila ni PNoy eh. Kaya ang kalaban nila si PNoy dahil nga doon sa nag-demanda. Nag-atras tayo tapos ‘di na tayo makabalik, nagdemanda. So galit sila kay PNoy. Sabi niya, “You know, we just restored our friendship. Let us not spoil it and…”

“But I want to dig my oil, sir.” Sabi niya, “You know, if you would do that…” Ang last na in whisper na narinig ko is, “There can be trouble.” If that word comes out of the mouth of a powerful country, maybe the most powerful this day, second to America — ‘pag magsabi ‘yan siya, “trouble” what does that mean to you? Mag-giyera ka? Pulpog tayo.

Actually, their missiles now can reach Manila in seven minutes. Do you want to fight? Ako — ako naman I’m tired of you know parrying the — o takot ako. Sabihin ko sige. I will mobilize my forces. I will gather the best of my soldiers there, marines, police, lahat. But I would like to see Carpio, the two Carpios who actually the uncle of Inday kasi Carpio man ‘yang asawa niya kaya siya…

Sabi ko ‘yung dalawang Carpio tapos si Albert and all those sinong gusto. Sabi ko gawain ko. But what I would like really, the best option is… They have been saying that there is a treaty between America and the Philippines — RP-US pact, military pact. An attack of one is an attack of all against all American forces. But there is that condition — condition, sine qua non, and that if there is a violent attack in our country, para sa kanila rin.

But they will not interfere in territorial controversies. So hindi talaga ang America. I do not think that…

Kaya sinabi ko, I’m calling now. Now, I’m calling now America. I am invoking the RP-US pact, and I would like America to gather all their Seventh Fleet in front of China. I’m asking them now and I will join them, and I will ride on the boat where the admiral of the US.

But I will drag along this Carpio and the rest of the — Albert. And — and when the Americans say that, “We are here now,” and I said, “Ready?” “Ready.” “Can I have the honor, admiral?” I will press the…

And maybe that will be the end of Palawan. Palawan will be devastated maybe occupied or if there will be nuclear bombs, then we would dry up. So nothing will grow here. We can just wait for just like a big hole coming our way to suck us to eternity.

And then we can sing the Mona Lisa. [sings] They just lie there and they die there. Are you warm, are you real, Mona Lisa?

So sabi nila, “Duterte, you must protect our marine resources and people fishing there. You must drive them out.”

Alam naman talaga na it’s impossible kay sabihin man ng China, “Who are you to tell us to get there? This is our ocean.” That’s why it’s named China Sea. It’s not named Philippine Sea.

Iyong ating Philippine Deep is between Leyte and Surigao. There is that one of the deepest part in this planet. That’s why it’s called the Philippine Deep. Pero we have coming in from the west, from India, you enter Philippines from Palawan.

So ‘pag nag-Palawan, but you will pass that area there where it’s the bone of the contention between our countries and several others. If you turn right, before the Celebes, you go down to Sabah — Mindanao, below Mindanao is the Celebes, palabas na doon sa Pacific Ocean.

But there’s a… There’s this… If you look at the map, actually, you will see there, the words are Sulu — Sulu Sea. Okay. Now, Sulu is part of the Philippines. So gusto ko rin kunin. And I will also calibrate my moves there and guard it against anybody. Now, everybody is passing it, so mag… Pareho lang ako na mag-checkpoint ako ng… So that’s how it is.

Now itong unconstitutional cannot be because if you read further the arbitral ruling, ‘yung economic zone – economic zone, historically even before the birth of nations, even before the organization of whatever, meron ‘yang mga tao sa coast eh whether they are really the ancestors of the Chinese or the Filipinos. And also, nations who have been fishing there.

And it’s called fishing rights, that they have been fishing there for centuries for their food. Now ang problema, kung sabihin ng Amerikano, if they claim that it is theirs, so they will be the one to give us the fishing rights.

Kasi ‘yung mga taga-Pangasinan, diyan talaga kumukuha ng isda noon pa even before the Americans came. Tapos ‘yung mga traditional fishing rights, you have to allow it. That is the series of cases between European countries who were under the — sa UNCLOS members who were a signatory.

And in the so many cases tried in Europe about itong fishing rights, the court admitted that there is such a thing as the traditional fishing rights of people, and that you have to allow it without violating the law.

So ako ngayon, sabi nila, “Bakit mo pinayagan ang China?” Sabi ko, “As far as I’m concerned, I’m the owner, and I’m just giving the fishing rights.” Galit sila kung bakit ko daw pinapaisda ‘yung…

Eh kung hindi ko rin payagan, sabihin ng Amerikano — ah Chinese, “Bakit? Kinahanglan pa ba kami magpermiso sa iyo?” O eh ‘di pagsabi nilang “huwag” eh ‘di mangisda ka.

Kasi tayo ang kawawa ngayon eh kung hindi tayo magpasok doon invoking fishing — traditional fishing rights, we cannot fish there. That is how constricted these guys are. And to think that they are bruited about as learned that if you follow them, “Go there, Duterte, and drive them away,” it will lead — I will not only be able to protect the fishes and the butete, and the danggits, I will blow this entire nation to pieces.

If I go to war? Ah wala. No match. Not our fault. Well, that’s the problem. Itong sabi nila na that I committed a constitutional transgression. Tapos they want to impeach me, really? Eh ‘di try. I might just…

But I’ve been very frank with the military. Pastor, for the first time, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell the nation. There was a time na I was busy fixing the Nayong Pilipino, the ruckus there about this entity tasked to run the Nayong Pilipino entered into a contract without the benefit of the bidding to establish there to build a gambling casino.

Kaya nagalit talaga ako. Sabi ko, “What has gambling casino got to do with the Nayong Pilipino supposed to, you know, to show our — exhibit our culture and everything?” So pag-uwi ko, it was a command conference.

And at that time, there was this report ibinigay na sa akin ni Sonny Dominguez who was beside me. ‘Yung report that we lost some so many millions also because ang AFP hospital nagbili ng medisina na wala. Ghost deliveries. We paid but there were no medicines for the soldiers.

Kaya ako talagang… I — I simply snapped. Tapos sinabi ko sa kanila na, “Look, if I cannot even expect you to cover my back, if you don’t believe in what I’m…. Tell me now because I’m resigning.”

If the major commanders of the Air Force, Navy, Army, pati si Albayalde… Sabi ko, “I am stepping down.” And I did it for the second time noong there was this transaction in government which has been delayed or the papers were stuck for two years.

So nagalit ako. Sabi ko because the only — maybe the only reason why you would want a person to go back and forth to your office is para hingian mo tingi-tingi para mag… So while they were presenting the corrected — marami doong clearance galing clearance from the clearance of…

So clearance. Sabi ko, “Sa isang opisina lang dito sa gobyerno na ‘to?” Sabi ko it would take you about two months, two months. Then another two years. By the time he was able to complete the requirements, sabi ko tapos na ang termino ko.

So do not lecture on me with that kind of… Sabi ko that is not for me, that is for the next president or the president after the next one. Sabi ko, “You know, I’m resigning. I’m leaving you.” Lumabas ako sa Cabinet member, iniwan — nandiyan si Sal — iniwan ko sila.

Nakipagchika-chika ako doon sa mga girls. “Mabuti pa…” sabi ko. Hindi na ako bumalik. While they were waiting inside there, ang sabi ko, “Ah wala na akong gana.” I have lost the appetite for working for something and for somebody na ganito ang…

Tapos nalaman nila na ganun. The army, the military has always been sympathetic to me. “Ah mayor, ganun ganun.” Most of my Cabinet members are military people, those who have retired. Lahat sila.

‘Yang lahat ko kinuha ngayon, wala na akong kinuhang iba. You know why?

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: More efficient.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo kasi ganito ‘yan. ‘Pag corrupt ka dito sa itaas, corrupt ‘yan sa lahat. Police, military. Pagka-corrupt ka, corrupt ‘yan lahat. Pero for as long as you stay nose clean, you can expect everybody will follow.

Dito naman sa bureaucracy, and I don’t — this is not really a brief against you, mga critic. May inutos ka na, makipagdebate pa sa iyo. “Sir, ganito, sir. Sir, ganun.” Pagkatapos, “O, sige, sige na.”

Pagkatapos niyan, “Anong nangyari?” “Nawala ang pera, sir. Kulang.” Ay anak ka ng… Look at Boracay. Sinabi ko kay Año sa [DILG]. Año was a general assigned doon sa… Tayo. All of them, nakilala ko ‘yan sila.

All my Cabinet members are really good and honest men because they were in their la — once in their career, na-assign ‘yan sila sa Mindanao. Kaibigan nga namin ni Pastor karamihan diyan eh.

And they know me, my entrails, at alam ko ‘yung ano nila. Naririnig namin ni Pastor. So sila ‘yung kinukuha ko. Sabi ko kay Año pati kay Cimatu sa DENR. Año sa Local Government, pati si Berna sa Tourism, “You go there and clean Boracay.”

Sabi nila maganda na raw. Hindi man ako nagpunta doon. I was about to go there, but they had committed a blunder. ‘Yung naglagay sila ng mga buntings, ‘yung mga banners, “Mayor Duterte, salamat. Welcome.”

Noong nabasa ko ‘yon nung nasa news, nakita ko ‘yung ano, ‘yung preparations nila. Lumabas sa Magandang Umaga — Magandang Hapon. Kaya tinawagan ko ‘yung military, sabi ko, “Tanggalin mo lahat ‘yan at sabihin mo hindi ako magdating.”

So after one week, pumunta ako sa likod, and with Castriciones of DAR. I signed the documents there declaring the land — the back of Boracay a land reform area.

Kasi marami nang nag-agawan eh. A choice — a prime property. Marami ng magagandang bahay. Sabi ko, “No, that is not commercial until now, that is agri — forest — forestal, agriculture then…”

So I maintained the status quo. Ibinigay ko ‘yung lupa sa mga Ati. Sabi ko, “As it — as of now, as it is you’ll get something like 10, 15 years, sell it.

Do not sell it. Sell it at sometime para sa mga anak ninyo at milyonaryo kayo. Makatikim rin kayo ng pera na milyon-milyon. You are the first in this place, you should be the one to… Kaya mayayaman ‘yang mga Ati diyan sa Boracay. They own lands sa — valued at millions na. So that’s…

SIS. CARDONA: Thank you so much, President. We’ll be pausing for a break. Break po muna tayo. We will continue our conversation with President. Yes, later on because we are also joined by the JMC law school students, Mayor. So they’re here, some of them will be asking questions when we come back.

But meanwhile, we’ll be pausing for a break and Sister Stephanie Ibarra will be singing, “Thy will Be Done” and Sister Yulia Titova will also be singing the song entitled “Langit.” So let’s give glory to the Father. Let’s listen to these songs.


SIS. CARDONA: Bless the Father, bless the Father for these wonderful songs. We’re back here in this very special episode of Give Us This Day with our very special guest, the President of the Republic of the Philippines. So sir, we’ll continue, President…


SIS. CARDONA: There’s a question here from RJ Nieto of Thinking Pinoy. Mr. President, how do you intend to address the issue of below-production cost farm gate price of dried palay resulting from the influx of imported rice after Rice Tariffication was implemented? Today, several areas in Ilocos and Central Luzon reported that palay is bought at just P12 to P13 per kilo, way below the cost to produce it. Rice tariffication without a realistic mechanism to address the needs of affected farmers will result to massive unrest in rice producing provinces. And today’s RCEP is unresponsive. Thank you and love you, Mr. President, from RJ Nieto.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, for one let me state here and now that the Philippines cannot be a rice sufficient nation. We have run out of lands and most of the prime real estate went to big corporations now planting cash crop: banana, pineapple, lahat ‘yan.

Nobody is planting food crop so nawala na talaga ‘yan. But the only way that we can help them is to buy their harvest at a competitive price.

Kung ano ‘yung bili mo sa ano — eh magpalugi ka na lang. Bilhin mo, ‘wag naman masyado nilang taasan. We’ll just have to buy the rice. Palugi talaga ang gobyerno to save the farmers. So another working productive day for them.

So ang presyo niyan is — competition kasi eh. But if we do not import rice, we are in danger of… Remember the — always ‘pag nagpila na ang tao, kaya ano kaya ganito, ma’am. Ah I told the NFA na gusto ko ‘yung bigas reaching just a little bit sa ceiling. Because ang Filipino is visual. ‘Pag nakita niya ‘yang bodega puno, he’s happy and he does not have any nervous speech there.

Pero ‘pag nakita niya baba na tapos people are starting to queuing in front of stores, ayan mag-ano na. You have these media ano, mga pantakot. Then people are — I said they begin to worry. So you have to — what ought to do is really the pricing, make it competitive.

Buy it at a higher price during harvest time para makabawi sila. Palugi talaga tayo. At the end of the day, COA says that you lose how much? Sabi ko, “I purposely did it because I have to save the Filipino.” It’s a lost — it’s a lost kung mag-argue tayo na why do we have to buy it at a competitive price? Of course we have to.

Wala tayong choice. We have to continue importing because we will suffer a shortfall. It’s not enough. Our — our harvest is not enough.

SIS. CARDONA: Thank you so much, Mr. President. There’s a question here: Is the Philippines cutting its diplomatic ties with Iceland?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah Teddy Boy Locsin said no, he’s not cutting. Ako naman, I said, I am seriously considering it. He is the spokesman but the Office of the President is the sole entity, that includes the Foreign Affairs. Kasi mga Cabinet members lang man sila.

In our dealings with other nations, it is only the Office of the President of a country, he has that prerogative. Siya lang — ako lang.

I learned that there are about 2,000 workers in Iceland. I have not seen any rice — ice-eating white man here around. So sabi ko nga, I am seriously considering because it might affect the relations between our citizens and the host country.

They might not like the way we behave towards them, and so it would prompt them to take measures. I hope they do not have to do it because I will not also take it sitting down.

But Iceland surprises me. It’s always been a country complaining about extrajudicial killing.

And for a country who does not have a night — it’s always like four o’clock in the afternoon all day long, wala naman silang — wala silang problema. Kung mauhaw ang tao, maraming ice. Wala, hindi nila kailangan NAWASA. So they do not have any water problem. As far as their streets, it’s safe because wala silang full night na darkness. It’s always like they have this — mga 4 o’clock all day long. So winter or dry season.

At they have taken a special interest in itong… Wait until the drug menace reaches their shores. And that would be the time that I will answer it. I’m — they want me again about 67 members, they want — ask to file a case against the…

Look, as I have told you before ladies and gentlemen of the world, kasali na ‘yang — and all the governments there, I will only face a — be tried or face a trial in a Philippine court presided by a Philippine — Filipino judge, prosecuted by a Filipino.

And maybe they can reimpose death penalty then die in Filipino hands. I — I will not… I will not answer a — I will not answer a Caucasian asking question, or white man there. You must be stupid. Who are you? I am a Filipino, we have our courts here. Why would you have to bring me somewhere else? I would not like that.

I have my country. It’s working, I know it’s working, justice is working here. As a matter of fact, every policemen who were… But if they think that 700 or 7,000… You know, I have — a lot of my soldiers they number about 2,000, 3,000 killed also.

Remember Marawi was not anything but Marawi was — shabu was being cooked there like nobody’s business. The police went to the house of a certain Maute to serve a search warrant, and the target was drugs.

And they did not honor the writ of government, they started to fight it out. So the government forces, police, withdrew and called in the marines. That following day, the nine marines crossing the mapinda — Mapandi bridge, they were all killed there. So that started the fight.

It started with drugs. It was not anything else. Ah rebellion — it ripened into a rebellion because they were now confronting government violently. But it started with drugs. And how many were killed there? I lost about 600 soldiers and the policemen.

Every day I lose a policeman in the Philippines. Every day meron talagang mamatay, two or three. Kaya ako na — you — you just don’t know the real situation. You better study I said, that’s why… And then you force me to defend myself before you? Who are you?

If you do that, I’ll give you a lecture on the finer points of international law. It is only when there is a total breakdown of justice in a country that nobody is willing to prosecute you. My God, the yellow, the Otso Diretso are itching to go to trial, and I’d love to debate with them anytime.

I am not maybe a well renowned lawyer but I’m a lawyer. So they are lawyers who… Lawyers who — ayaw nilang pumatay. Ako ‘yung lawyer — because sa trabaho ko pumapatay ako. And so, what gives?

If nobody will do it, who will do it for us? Police? Katakot na lang niyan. Military will not do it. It will only do it if it’s a legitimate order. But I have raised the drug problem. And it was Gloria, I just reiterated it.

It was Gloria Arroyo who raised it as a national security issue. Kaya sabi ko nga if you are into drugs, drop it now or else you’ll die. No choice. Because my order is very clear. Destroy the apparatus of the drug situation in the Philippines.

In drug — in drug cases, you cannot do it alone. It has to be an organized thing. One who cooks, then throws it to the lieutenants who would distribute it to the garbage — the collect — basurero. They call the — the cliché for the peddlers in the Philippines they are called basurero. Garbage — garbage men.

And it’s not even a cliché, it’s slang. That is the slang for the — ‘yung… So whether they like it or not, I will continue what I started to the very end. Kaya nga if the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything. But if the end brings me out wrong, 10 angels of God swearing that I was right would make no difference. That’s from Lincoln. Ganun ‘yan. I just — I work. And the best way that I can is — they are also killing my soldiers, they were killing my policemen.

And why am I using the word “my”? Because I’m the Commander-in-Chief. So they are my troops, they are my men. They might be soldiers of the Republic, but on a different level they are really my men. That’s why I called them “my policeman, my soldier.”

Every time that I see one — especially if I go to the — to commiserate with the… And you see the wailing wife and family, my God.

These are the guys who died doing the good deed. Ito namang mga durugista, I said, you want to live? Drop — simply drop it. All you have to do is to drop it, then nobody but nobody will disturb you.

And if there’s somebody bugging you in government, tell me and I will give him a whack in your presence.

Ganon lang naman ‘yon. Bitawan mo lang, tapos na. Wala na tayong problema. Drop the drugs or drop dead. Choose.

Sabihin nila na, “Ah so it was all along it was Duterte because he’s been saying that drop dead.” That’s an idiom. Can I not use an idiom here? When I say drop the drugs or you drop dead, that’s an idiom. Ah…

SIS. CARDONA: Thank you so much, sir. Another question, how do you assess the performance of your Cabinet secretaries before you remove them or you transfer them to other agencies?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, ganito ‘yan. It’s Piñol who’s moving to another entity. Piñol is a very good Cabinet member. Ang problema, ako, kasi wala akong tao since the BO — BARMM. There is nobody on my side dito, talking to the BARMM to make the necessary arrangements for this entity to grow and their needs.

You must remember that it is an agricultural country and Piñol is a farmer. He was once a governor and he was born there. And he is good. He is really very good. So sabi ko nagkulang ako. You must remember, the Mindanao Development Authority is a Cabinet position. He is still a Cabinet post.

Ngayon, doon wala akong maano kasi parang naiwanan natin. Wala tayo. Nobody is talking to the BARMM, “Oh, what else do you want? What else do you need? Do you — what happens to this office? Would it be dissolved or you want to add another entity there to make it work?”

Parang wala eh. So I have to have my man there. And Piñol is from Cotabato. He’s from M’lang. Ilonggo. Damo sang Ilonggo ngadto. Te Ilongga man na. [Translation: There’s a lot of Ilonggos. She’s Ilongga.]

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: So who will take his place, Mayor? DA?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah, scouting around. I assume maybe again a military man. Kasi madali mag-utos, magtrabaho. And they do it without a question. Kaya sabi ko sa kanya, when I tell you do this and do that, do not question me because I will never give you an order to do something that is illegal.

Kaya ‘yan sunod ‘yan sila lahat. Gaya ng Boracay, at first they were — sabi nila na, “How about the local government?” Sabi ko, “Eh local government, local government.” You go there to — because the beach is owned by the national. A city does not own a sea.

I’m also like China. Hindi Philippines. I own everything. The beach land or… It is not owned by a city.

SIS. CARDONA: Thank you so much, Mr. President. And we are joined by the law students here in the gallery. So if you would allow us, Mr. President, one — two of them will be asking some questions.


SIS. CARDONA: I would like to call on Bai Halila Y. Sudagar.

MS. SUDAGAR: Assalamualaikum, Mr. President. Good evening. I am [Halila Sudagar?]. A student of JMC College of Law. Mr. President, during the presidential campaign, you mentioned that it is timely that our country needs a Charter change. In this connection, how near are we from accomplishing the most sought change that this government needs? Thank you.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, one is I said a very important is the law and order. On the criminality aspect — criminal, we have gained so many — we have travelled so many milestones there.

Itong sa drugs, it has slowed down a bit. Corruption in some offices is no longer there. The last stronghold ng mga corrupt — it used to be the people who would like to join government would choose the BIR or the Customs. ‘Yan talaga ang paborito nila.

Now, not all. I repeat, not all. Pero sa aming probinsya naglaki ako, sa siyudad ko and any other place, you see the big houses and nice cars. Who owns it? It’s a Customs o a BIR.

Nandiyan kasi ‘yung haggling ng ano… They will tap you for 500,000. Sabihin mo, “Okay, I’ll just pay you 250 but I get the 50 or the 100.” Ang ibalik nila sa gobyerno is 150. Ganon ang style diyan. So with Customs, ‘yung smuggling.

So it prompted me to appoint an army man. Si Jagger Guerrero was used to be the Chief of Staff. He worked in Davao once upon a time as the — he was the commander of the Task Force Davao. Mahusay. He’s very good. I appointed him sa Marina by — when itong corruption talaga hindi — hindi mahinto-hinto.

Kaya they have been asking for arms, I approved it. But I say I — inilagay ko sa freezer ‘yung… I will deal with them when I go back. Sixty-four of them.

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: Sa Customs ‘yan, Mayor?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Oo. Talagang sinabi ko umalis kayo diyan. Ayaw… Do not do your job today. You better just take a vacation. Never mind if the papers would pile up. We can deal with that later. Umalis kayo.

So sabi ko sa board, report to — sa Malacañan. Bakit? Maraming trabaho doon. Have you been to Malacañan? ‘Di ba napunta ka naman?

MS. SUDAGAR: Yes, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nakita mo naman ang water lily hindi na nga makaandar ‘yung lantsa ko. O, ayan. O ‘di, they can start by cutting the water lilies there. You know, the water lily is ever present.

It’s a — some say, ‘yung mga scientist natin that, it is an anti-pollutant. So when a rebel or a body is so degraded na talagang the contamination and altogether, water lilies will just grow. That is to counter the damage of pollution. ‘Yan ang ano diyan.

Sa law ka na pala ngayon? So, on what year are you now?

MS. SUDAGAR: Yes, fourth year, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay. I will find the time to — I’ll… Kasi fiscal ako so what I have mastered most of my lawyering is criminal lawyer ako eh. I was a prosecutor. ‘Yang — I have devised a way of… If you will just listen for mga 30 minutes, I’ll just draw a mat — ‘yung matrix and it’s all there.

You just remember the matrix ibibigay ko tapos you’d be able to sort out everything. The others do no read, I only include there the… ‘Yung iba huwag ninyong basahin. Especially for aspiring policemen. Pero — but siguro as a lawyer, you need to really consume.

Alam mo ang advice ko sa iyo — which we never really believed it in the first place, noong una kami, when we were told by our — sa frat — that it’s vacation time, might as well start to memorize the book. Memorize the book, word for word.

Do not go and say, “I can say it in my own words.” Because your own words is not the law. You give me the law in the book. Memorize it. Page per page. Kaya mo ‘yan. Kaya mo ‘yan.

Sa aming panahon, akala namin hindi namin makaya. O, nung hinarap na namin ‘yung mga professor, ah kaya. So my advice to you, read the book first, understand it, observe it, then start to memorize. Memorize, especially the Codal Provisions. Good luck to you.

MS. SUDAGAR: Thank you, sir. [applause]

SIS. CARDONA: Thank you. Thank you, President. Another student here, Gretchen Belleza Cañedo, will also be giving her question.

MS. CAÑEDO: Good evening, Pastor. Good evening, Mr. President. I am also a law student of the Jose Maria College of Law. My question is, are you willing to be a guest lecturer in the JMC College of Law as you promised in 2016? [laughter]

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I’m a guest lecturer until now. I used to handle… Kasi criminal law ako eh, I was a — I used to be a professor at the time because I married and there was not — there’s not enough to go around with — pera.

So I taught there in the Police Academy. But over time, noong naging mayor na ako… But I give special lectures. But criminal law lang ako. Maybe others pero ang — kung gusto mo talaga matuto [interruption] criminal law, dito. That’s why perhaps I am a criminal already. [laughter] I will have time to go around and… But I’d limit myself I said sa criminal law kasi… It’s not really a forte but it’s where I study more often. Thank you.

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: We just talked to — I just talked to him before you asked that question and he agreed to go and spend like 30 minutes to lecture in the JMC College of Law. [applause]

MS. CAÑEDO: Thank you, Pastor. Thank you, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You just listen and stop talking at the back. [laughter] Tapos ‘yon. Kasi I am reminded of a professor. So, Panelo is a graduate of UP. Sabay kami. But you know, Justice Solidum was teaching in UP, Ateneo, San Beda. Ah, Panelo ano siya…

He’s — patay na but you know, I’m sure he’s relatives there. I salute sa professor namin. He was so very strict. Pero ang boses niya maliit and he cannot pronounce the whole syllables. ‘Pagka kunwari, “Quiboloy” – “Loy.” [laughter] ‘Pag hindi mo nakuha ‘yan patay ka. [laughter]

So ako, Villafuerte pati Duterte sabi niya, “Te.” [laughter] So Villafuerte and I stood up. And he said, “Oh, why are you…” Ilonggo eh, “Why are you standing there? I did not call…” Sabi ko, “Sir, I thought you — I thought I heard my name, sir.” “Because you are always talking there at the back. Come here in front.”

Tapos sabi ko… Eh ‘di pumunta ako roon sa front, naupo ako. Siguro I got his goat that day.

Sabi niya, “Villafuerte, sit down. You recite.” T*** i**, itinuro ako eh di tindig ako. Eh di ganun-ganun ako sa ulo ko. Sabi niya, “Start answering g****** it.” Sabi ko naman, “sir”, eh siyempre matapang ka kasi walang mali eh. “There is no question yet, sir.” “Ah Duterte, do not scratch your head and distribute your dandruff in this room. Keep it in your head it is the only one that you have.” Dandruff.

Kaya I said when I’m lecturing you listen. Keep quiet and you’ll learn. Iyong lalo na ‘yung civil procedure. May ano ako diyan. Ang mga pulis meron niyan. Lahat ng pulis dito na dumaan, meron ‘yan sila iyong matrix sa… Madali kasi pagka visual eh.

But remember to memorize the words. Iyong maintindihan mo lang kaagad. So

I think I’ll find the time to be with you. It would be an honor. Thank you. [applause]

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: Mayor, when you were a fiscal, did you go to courtroom debates and trial like that?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, I was doing trial work everyday, Pastor.

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: Everyday ‘no?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Everyday. And when I was younger, in my younger days, after — because the criminal cases takes — take precedence, so they are being called first. Pagkatapos ng mga criminal cases, civil case ka na.

But I was really learning at that time, learning the ropes of the trade. I used to just stay behind and listen to the old guys also para makatulong ‘yung — to broaden the…

Maganda ang trial. Ang abogado na walang trial — if you work in a corporate world walang thrill para sa akin. So I really chose to be — I really wanted to be a prosecutor, a criminal lawyer.

The irony of it all is that I ended a criminal minus the lawyer. [laughter] You know what? Inaasar ko ‘yang kabila. When I do that, when I make jokes that are not kind of a gray thing, not funny but funny, it’s because gusto kong — that is the Philippine experience eh.

Eh ang media most of them are against me because ‘yung — so kung anong pinagsasabi-sabi nila. And if you answer, they will not carry your statement. If at all, ‘yung statement mo ilagay doon sa obituary page, doon sa nangamatay tapos ilagay doon sa baba ‘yung answer mo.

So what I did was… You know me, I’ve been your mayor. Hindi naman ako ganun kabait, nagmura ako, then they heard. “Duterte is bad mouthing us.”

So they took. Na sabi nila ako raw misogynist tapos I hate women. Pagdating ni Teddy Boy — Teddy Boy Locsin, ‘yung Foreign Secretary ko, nag-tweet ‘yan, he’s an Ateneo graduate.

Sabi niya, “I will get…” ‘yung fork na parang pala. May sinabi, “I’ll get that fork and ram it into your genitalia and I will twirl it several times and pull it out.” Grabe, o tahimik na sila ngayon lahat. Well, may mas deadly pa pala sa akin.

I cannot say that in… Well, of course, if I say that my daughter will… Mamaya-maya si Sara ko talagang magagalit ‘yan. She does not want ‘yung ganun. In the house, I cannot say jokes about women. Nagagalit ‘yang anak ko si Sara.

Pero that’s how I — my character —something to do with the… You know I — Pastor, I was really brought up in a very disciplined environment.

You know, in one — in a week’s time, meron akong three days na nakaharap sa altar, ‘yung naka-ganun, kneeling down. Ah grabe ‘yung nanay ko. Grabe talaga ‘yung — mother was… Nakaganun.

So wala mang iba. Pag ‘sabi, “You pray.” Kaya we have — I think I have a special bond with Jesus Christ. I really told them that we are — we are both suffering for our… [laughter] I don’t know about yours, but me, my mother, I will sue her one day. [laughter]

So that I know that God is with me. Magsabi ka lang 120 hours all in all, ‘yung nakatingin siya sa akin. Eh ang iba nakatingin diyan, naka-inuman ka diyan, may krus lang. Ako talagang parang ipinako rin. I used to when I was — tsk pareho talaga ang swerte natin God.

But sometimes I could hear faint voice, “Okay lang, akong bahala sa iyo.” [laughter] Si Pastor serious — kalokohan lang ‘yan ha. [laughter]

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: That’s why your destiny talaga Mayor is to be the head of this country for this time kasi ang problema nato ‘di gyud na masulbad kung lain pa siguro.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You might think that just because I quarrel with the cardinals and the bishops that I am not — that I’m irreverent. ‘Yung I could be a sacrilegious guy. Hindi baya. Kilala ako ni Pastor.

I am a deeply religious person, sa totoo lang. And my guiding life, alam ni Pastor ‘yan is the Bible. And if you can memorize by heart and understand Ecclesiastes 3. You can face any problem. You might not be able to solve it but you can understand why.

Read Ecclesiastes 3 when you have a problem. ‘Pag namatayan ka sa pamilya mo, basahin mo lang. That there is a time for every season under the sun. There’s a time to live, born and a time to die. Kaya sa ako — so when I was running so many elections, wala akong talo eh. I never lost an election since 1988 until the presidency.

But I was prepared to deal with it every time because I was using the Bible. As there is a time for victory, there has to be a time for defeat. Kaya ganun ako.

So pagdating niyan. And that is what I tell my children, about life and death ako. I go to places ganun. It’s not because of hubris or braggadocio. It’s because I have faith in God. Mag-akyat ako kung saan. ‘Pag panahon ko na, panahon…

You ask dito ’yung NPA. They captured me and nakatutok ‘yung baril dito. Kinangaroo (kangaroo) court nila ako. Sabi ko, well I’m a prosecutor. I have to prosecute you. Your problem is bakit nagpahuli kayo. Ayan, kaya ngayon, I am prosecuting you.

But now I am campaigning as — tatakbo ako vice mayor sana. But if you are really angry, sabi ko, there’s always a time to die, sabi ko. ‘Pag pinatay ninyo ako — you tell — ask the NPAs, nakikinig man sila ngayon. ‘Yan sinabi ko. Sa bukid hinostage (hostage) nila ako. If it’s my time, it’s my time. Wala na akong magawa diyan.

But you tell the world that you killed me because I did my duty to prosecute you in court. Okay na sa akin ‘yan. Tell it to the world and I’ll be happy. Hindi man nila ako pinatay.

So nung na-mayor ako, “Pssst dito.” “Mayor, huwag mo naman anuhin kasi ano lang ‘yan.” Until now, I do not think that if I go the mountains, they will kill me. For what?

Another mayor would — that’s what I said to all the rebels and everybody, take advantage now. Take advantage that I am urging you to surrender and I’ll give you — I’ll treat you as a human being.

Hindi ako — I’m not into this kind na — huwag mo lang akong — do not force my hand into it. Surrender now during my time, you’ll have a better chance. I will not send you to prison.

Sabi ko nga, I’ll build you… I’ve been to — I distribute something like almost 300 condominiums. Diyan sa Tagum kanina, surrender ka lang. I am not into this thing na mag-ganti-ganti.

I am old. Wisdom has overtaken the years. You know that you have to think a thousand times before doing something which is not good.

Pero ‘yang drugs, huwag ninyo talagang magkamali ‘yan. I hate drugs because it continues to kill people. It continues to create dysfunction by the millions. And remember that if you distribute drugs and allow our children to eat it, they become slaves in what? They become slaves to a drug called shabu. And they become inutile for all time.

So anong gawain ko sa anak ko? You know, if you really want to give your enemy a problem, just make one — one or two of his children or daughter or son and he will have a problem and you know that all of you. Ka — tayong ditong lahat nagkaalaman tayo. That what kind of hell that you’d be giving to the family. Destroyed talaga ‘yan.

Raping a sister, killing a father. Wala eh. Kung ibang tao, okay lang ‘yan. Away, ganun because of question of land dispute.

Pero itong mga raping a sister. I was there, I was called by my friend at 4 o’clock in the morning. And the wife was inside the car shouting, crying. But because of the music hindi mo masyadong ma-ano. But it was the shouting of a woman.

And so I asked my friend, sabi ko, “What happened?” My son is there upstairs. He’s got my gun and he’s raping his elder sister. Ang sabi ko, if I called the — sa pulis, dito banda eh, mamamatay talaga itong anak mo. There’s a possibility that he’d point a gun at a police responding to this situation. Pero ang pulis naman hindi naman… Once you do that, they will fire. So possibility of losing both your son and daughter or you just swallow it. Wala naman talaga tayo magawa.

Pero ‘pag nahuli kita, bantay ka. Ako totoo ‘yan ha, diyan sa Malacañan tanungin mo ‘yung mga security, puro military itong nakatindig, ako lang ang — ako lang ang Presidente nagbubugbog talaga. Oo. First time nakita nila ‘yan. I’m the only President na nagbubugbog diyan sa tabing Pasig. Lalo na ‘yung mga ano, ‘yan man ang paborito ko dito sa Davao ‘di ba? Mag-hold-up ng ganun, “Ah so you want money? You want money?”

Tapos minsan wala akong pera ‘yan sila ‘yung mga security ko na sundalo. “Bigyan mo ako pera beh.” Kanya-kanya silang dukutan, may coin pa.

Sabi ko, “Coffee for my visitor.” ‘Yung Malago is the clubhouse just beside Pasig River.

Sige, ‘yung mainit na kape, ‘yung boiling. Pagdating ng kape, sabi ko, “Eat the money or the tilapia will eat you in the Pasig. I will throw you there.”

Pinapakain ko talaga ‘yung… Kaya ‘yung mga Maynila na ano, ‘yung mga… Pinapakain ko. Pagdating — o pati ‘yung coin. “Sir, baka mag-block ‘yan.” Sabi ko, “’Yan nga ang gusto ko, mag-block.” Sabi niya, “Sir, ma — sinong — maoperahan ako sir.” “Ah akong bahala. May alam ako sa konting operasyon, ako na mismo bubuga sa’yo.” [laughter]

Diyan man galit ‘yang mga elite sa Maynila. ‘Yan sila si Otso Diretso kasi sa bunganga ko.

The problem is really like this. We go back now to our main business. Do not listen to my stories, it’s not good for your children. For the problem is, I brought my demeanor as mayor diyan sa presidency.

So ang bunganga ko, ganun rin. ‘Yan si ano, ah huwag kang maniwala diyan. Kasi nasanay ako. Ewan ko. When I was young, every time mag — it’s either a curse or an epithet. Pinapakain ako ng sili. Pinapakain ako ng sili. In the end, hindi ako makakain kung walang sili. Totoo.

Sa ka-sili-sili ng nanay ko sa — hindi nasanay ako mag… Pagkain ako ng sili, ako pinakamalakas magkain ng sili sa amin. Ay buhay. Can we go back to…

SIS. CARDONA: Thank you po, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I can take a few questions if there are. But I leave it up to you.

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: So we have one or two more.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The ladies are waiting to sing.

SIS. CARDONA: Mr. President, the Chinese workers continue to flood the Philippines. Don’t you think we’re being too nice and generous to these foreigners? Is this not posing any threat to our country?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The Chinese workers? Look, according to the Chinese. Actually, the ones that are here are the illegal — hindi naman entry — illegally prolonging their stay and working odd jobs dito sa mga ano.

‘Yan ang ano diyan. Pero itong lahat. I don’t think so. Because remember, that we are nearing 400,000 Filipinos in China. So careful tayo diyan ha. We better — kagaya ng…

That’s the reason why pigil ako. A few times ‘yung sa Middle East, nagmura ako sa harap ng ambassador. Pero ‘di kagaya ng Iceland, what can you expect of their President? There are no nutrients there. If you continue to eat ice, it’s all water.

So just leave him. Wala man akong nakitang isang lubi doon sa… So I would not be surprised if the Prime Minister there would be eating ice everyday. With no nutrients that’s why he’s trying to pick up a quarrel with me.

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: Mayor, on a lighter note, before we end. Many knows that you are a very voracious reader. Are you still reading a lot of books now?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, plenty. Maraming nagbibigay but I do not — wala kulang na.

Noong college ako, ‘pag nag-umpisa ako, right after dinner, tapos nandiyan ako. If I start to read a book, hanggang umaga na ‘yan. Hindi ako maghinto na hindi pa tapos.

What people do not know is that talagang mahilig ako magbasa.

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: You’re so busy. How much time do you sleep?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: On the average?


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Siguro mga five.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kulang talaga. I’m most completely animated pagka mga seven to eight hours or longer. That’s why I come home. It’s too expensive but I come home because my comfort zone is my room and I like to smell the urine of my — almost all of my children.

And I cannot sleep when — only with my children, only with my children. At saka ‘yung amoy ng kumot ko. Parang sa ano kasi artificial. ‘Pag gisingin ka na, it’s 12 o’clock ganyan, you go into the routine again. Maghintay ako then I look at a calendar, I’m full until the end of the week.

So Wednesday palang, mainit na ulo ko. Magkalma lang ako ‘pag walang — Friday na kasi pauwi na man. Pero ‘yung Monday, Tuesday, ah sus.

Itapon ko minsan ‘yung papeles. Well, that’s how it is. You maybe elected the wrong guy. But anyway, I have my purpose. I correct the many wrongs that we are facing.

One is corruption. Ayaw ko talaga ‘yan. Ayaw ko talaga ‘yan. Wala akong pasensiya diyan. And ‘yung oppression. Otherwise, I am a good — I’m not trying to raise my own… I am not trying to pull my own chair but hindi naman ako ganun talaga sa ano.

You know, I was a mayor for 23 years. Saan ba ninyo ako nakita? When did I ever make a show dito? Mas mabuti nga sa labas eh. The more that people ignore me, the better. At saka naka — if you happen to observe me. Naglalakad ako noon naka-downcast lang.

I usually just look at the floor. Hindi ako ‘yung ganun. Kaya sabi nila, bakit mahiyain ka? Hindi naman ako mahiyain. May kasalanan ka? Marami kaya hindi ako makaharap sa mga…

Hindi, ayaw ko — ayaw ko magtingin kasi kung makakita ako ng girls, matutumba ako. Sige tingin ganun.

Diyan sa People’s Park, nung naayos ko na, everyday may nagjo-jogging diyan, mga babae, teenager, naka-shorts ganun. Mga dalaga, maganda. Tapos nakita ko minsan, ‘yung mga — nagdadala ‘yung mga matatanda nila, lolo ganun. Kasi ‘pag morning, kita mo nasunog. Ito sa kakalakad ko talaga sa bukid.

Mag-ano sila — mag-sunbathing sila sa ano. Pero naka — may tuwalya dito. Tapos magdaan na ‘yung mga bata, mga naka-shorts. Nagkakanta. And I’m waiting for my day also. Nakaupo ‘yan sila ganun.

Pagdaan ng magaganda na naka-shorts, titingnan nila ‘yon… ‘Yung iba tinutulungan na nga ng mga yaya. Tapos tingnan nila ‘yung mga girls na nagtatakbo ng ganun. Tapos mahina na ‘yung ulo. Kagaya ko may spinal — sa motor. Itutulak pa nang ganun. Tapos ibalik, tapos bitawan.

Maya-maya, magbalik na ‘yung mga nagjo-jogging. Gisingin na naman. Tapos didilat. Tapos balik. [laughter]

Kaya at any given — I don’t know if Inday has changed it. But may tatlong nurse talaga diyan dahil diyan sa matatanda. Wala man akong nakikitang mga babae, seldom. Mga lalaki ‘yung mga…[interruption]

Eighty-five, 90 years old. Basta ako, naghanap ako ng magandang kahoy doon sa — para hindi masyado, [unclear] na. Mag-clear ito but once I am — bukid, maglalakad ka.

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: That’s from ano Mayor ‘no. Middle East, nagpasimula ‘yan, ‘yung nagpunta ka sa Jordan at Israel.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sa — oo. Hindi, doon sa campaign.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nag-dark kaya ito sa campaign talaga ‘yung…

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: Ah sa campaign pa?


Girls, you’re twirling your fingers, I want to hear you sing. Kung wala na?

SIS. CARDONA: Wala na po. And with that note, will be ending our discussion. Thank you so much for spending this time with us. [applause] Mr. President, in spite of your very tight schedule, thank you so much. And of course, before we end, we’d like to hear your parting words for everyone.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, ganito ‘yan ha, I am on my last three years. Wala na akong ambisyon. I cannot run anymore.

After this, I do not have even the reason to go out of my house kasi wala naman akong trabaho. If I don’t — if I’m not working anymore.

Sabihin man ni Honeylet, asawa ko: Bakit ka maglabas? Where are you going? You are not working anymore. Magtanda-tanda ka na. At saka wala ng pera. Siguro bigyan ka ng allowance, 500 ganun.

Wala, wala na. Tapos, wala na akong mapuntahan. Eh ang rami ko kayang pinatay. Eh makita ako nung mga kapatid na pinatay ko, p*** baka ako pa ang…

Marami kaya ‘yan sila. Patay-patayan. So mostly, I’d be staying in the house. But I’ll continue to participate and open my mouth if the interest of the country would require that kind of…

But ako, I’ll just finish my term. If I can, ito — I’m taking from the heart. Itong mga durugista, if I can wipe you out before I go, I will do it. I will do it. Talagang uubusin ko kayo. Wala na itong drama.

And for those people who are still out there, if you can strike a compromise, let’s go to a compromise and stop this silly war. You have been at it for 53 years, brought you nothing. It brought nothing to the people expect agony and misery. And what have accomplished? Many of you died. Many of you were just buried in the forest, never to be seen again by your children. And that’s why you’re killing my soldiers for nothing. So mga — ito — itong criminals, you have to stop. Drugs, drop it. You will not — I promise you, I will — ubusin ko talaga kayo. I will do it for my country.

‘Yung mga ideologues, well because the matter of principle, Communist Party of the Philippines, we can always talk. We can always talk. I am ready to talk, I am not the intransigent type na talker. But huwag na huwag akong mag-ano ‘yung…

Ito, the problem with the Filipino is that hindi kasi assertive. Kagaya ng mga laglag bala noon sa — tapos sa… I’ve stopped that practice actually. Sinabi ko talaga sa — ‘pag nagawa niyo ‘yan dito kakainin mo talaga ‘yung bala, maniwala ka. Ipalunok ko sa iyo ‘yan. So stop na.

Tapos ‘yung bukas sa — you go to Customs, there’s no more opening of the bags. Immigration, it’s just a swipe na lang, i-ganun mo na lang. Sa karami lang, because of short tayo ng tao, and of course the machines.

But now you go out of the country, when you come back there’s no more… You go to the Customs, walang ano ‘yan, walang buksan-buksan ng bag. Unless the idiot suspects that you have a cargo there that is prohibited. Pero kung wala and he has no business — the money.

Sabihin mo sigurado. You have to be assertive. When somebody asked you nang ganun, asking for money, sabihin mo, “What?” Sabihin mo, “Hoy idioto, I am a Filipino, I pay my taxes. Duterte said that if you ask money from me, I will slap you.” Slap him. [laughter]

Totoo. Slap the guy. You, of course, you would create a scene, there would be a — a commotion there. But kung malaman ko lang, kasi marami man ‘yang mga news man diyan sa everywhere. Ipatawag ko ‘yung tao na maghingi sa iyo.

Maski sa ano, sa mga taxes, ganun. Pagka maghingi, hindi lang kasi kayo nag-ano. Pagka maghingi, sampalin mo. I am telling you now, because they do not deserve that kind of respect. So… “Nagbabayad ako ng buwis. Sabi ni Duterte sampalin kita. Gusto mong sampalin kita?”

Ngayon ‘pag nalaman ko, sigurado maski dito sa Davao, lilipad ako at iharap ko kayo. Now pagdating diyan sa harap mo at totoo ‘yang sinabi mo because I would listen, may dagdag ‘yan. Sampalin mo sampung beses. Sabihin, “Sir, nasampal na niya ako.”

Iyon ang principal, interest na lang ito lahat. [laughter] Totoo. Huwag kayong mag-give in ng mga ganun, takot-takot sa gobyerno. I’m referring to government — the workings of government, so to say, so to speak. Huwag kayong mag-ano, huwag kayong mag…

‘Yang mga checkpoint, checkpoint? Wala — ayaw ko. Maghingi ‘yang nasa checkpoint? Sagasaan mo, tapos iwanan mo. “Eh sabi ni Duterte sagasaan ka raw eh.” For what? For extortion. That’s what. When you ask money from the people diyan sa mga checkpoints diyan, what does that mean? You are trying to extort money under your authority as what? LTO? LTFRB? Police? Hagad?

Huwag kayong magpadala. If you are — I said do not be afraid, they cannot kill you. Just because you are… Sampalin mo para… Hindi maka — kayo ang maka-disiplina lang sa ano. I mean dito sa akin, maghintay lang ako pero bugbog talaga ‘yan. Basta ganun. Diyan sa city hall noon mamili ‘yan, “Filan (file) kita ng kaso o bugbugin kita?” “Pabugbog na lang ako, sir.” “Sige.” Bugbog.

May iba naman mga asawa, “Huhu, Mayor, binugbog ako.” Halos ipakita na lahat ‘yung pasa niya. “Sinong — sinong gumawa niyan?” “’Yung asawa ko.” “Sinong asawa mo?” “Mayor, pulis.” “Asan si Bong? Bong, tawagin mo ‘yung pulis.”

Tapos tawagin ko ‘yan. May ano man ako, meron ako doon maliit, sa likod before the washroom. Babalik ako. “Binugbog ka nito?” “Oo, salbahe talaga. Patayin mo ‘yan…” “Ah, gusto mo patay ha? Saan?” “Dito sinipa ako, Mayor.” Mmmm, sipain ko ‘yan.

‘Di ba sabi ko sa’yo ang nanay ko, ‘yung nanay ko ‘pag nagka umpisa ayaw nang huminto. Akala mo lang nagpapatulog ng bata sa palo. Ako ganun din hindi — hindi ako — hindi na ako magpigil. Eh ‘di minsan nasobrahan eh ‘di mag ganun-ganun na ‘yung pulis.

Tapos mag — “Mayor, tama na.” Ang baba… “Akala ko ba gusto mong patayin itong…” “Hindi, mayor.” “Love mo?” “Oo mayor, siyempre pinakasalan ko nga eh.” Ako pa nga nagkontra [laughter and applause] — ako pa ngayon ang nag-kontrabida. ‘Sus.

Kaya kayong may mga asawa-asawa huwag kayong mag — careful kayo diyan. Kasi sabihin lang nila ‘pag galit, “binugbog ako dito,” ganun. Pagdating, “Ah, ikaw ha bakit mo ginagawa?” Bugbugin rin kita.”

Tapos ma-sobrahan mo? “Mayor, mayor tama na, maawa ka mamatay na ‘yan.” “O ‘di ba sabi mo patayin natin?” “Huwag naman, mayor.” “Bakit? Bakit? Mahal mo ‘no?” “Siyempre, mayor. Pinakasalan ko ‘yan. [laughter]

Ganun talaga ‘yan. Ang buhay. Girls, you sing. [laughter]

SIS. CARDONA: Thank you so much, Mr. President. Thank you so much, Pastor, for visiting us this evening. [applause]

Before we go, we would like to thank the studio audience also, the JMC Law students and the leaders. Thank you for joining us tonight. Thank you so much.

And indeed the Philippines is truly a blessed nation because we have leaders that is truly ordained by God. And we have a president that is — has a unique responsibility and is truly hardworking and with the safety and the well-being of its citizens in the whole country is his foremost aim.

And so tonight, whatever prayer or request you may have and whatever needs you may have, let’s have beloved pastor for his last message as well as his blessings for our very special guest, the President of the Philippines as well as to all the sons and daughters joining us tonight.

Our beloved Pastor — Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

PASTOR QUIBOLOY: Mayor, thank you again for guesting on our program. And this may not be the last but we will expect more of your visit here in Give Us This Day. And we know that from the last election when our President won, he has promised us to end corruption, drug, criminality and poverty.

And all of these in three years, he’s doing it. He is on business and the presidency is, as we saw it, is nothing to him unless he — he has done his job. And in three years’ time nakita na natin kung ano ang nangyari sa Pilipinas.

That’s why pambihara na in three years’ time, the President can maintain his ratings like the recent SWS, sobra 80% na. When the other people are accusing him of many things like human rights, things like that, I think it’s just some politicking that they are using because they cannot put him down with all those accusations instead ang iyang rating nagataas pa.

It’s because of the job of the President is doing. Kaya og — hindi yan madaling trabaho, especially drugs. That’s why ang atong Presidente admired all over the world.

I’ve been — I’ve been to Brazil. And the President of Brazil has emulated what he is doing here with their drug problem there. I have a congregation in Ukraine and everyday he is on the news there and the Ukrainian people are even saying, “If we can borrow Duterte, if they don’t want him in the Philippines, we can borrow him here.” Because of the drug problem also.

So I think those are the main things that the Filipinos are yearning for and he has no message of his own but the message that the people wants, to end the problems of this country. Number one is drugs, criminality and corruption in government, and ease on business.

We assure you, Mayor, that the kingdom and under my leadership is praying for your good health while others are praying for you with a kabaong pa and your picture there. I think that is one prayer of this religious people that will not be heard in heaven.

But our prayer for you is that you will have long life, good health, success, prosperity and continuous success in your — in your job as our leader.

And for me personally, it’s a gift from God because you are not here by your own, it’s your destiny and we are — we have seen what this country is being molded into under your leadership.

So we are here, one solid people not only in the kingdom, but I think all over the country as 80% of those that were interviewed say so.

So we have here — you have here our prayers and continue to pray for the success you have in molding our country to what it should be.

So lahat kayo na may prayer requests, isa ‘yung mga dalangin ninyo, sinasagot tayong lahat ng ating Dakilang Ama lalo na sa ating bansa ngayon na ibinigay ang ating mahal na Pangulo.

Pagpalain po kayong lahat ng ating Dakilang Ama and again Mayor, thank you for your visit again.


PASTOR QUIBOLOY: May the Father bless you. Amen. [applause]

— END —

Source: PCOO-PND (Presidential News Desk)