Phone Patch with Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar
By Gigi Grande- News Now (ANC)
30 July 2016

SEC. ANDANAR:  “Let me now announce that I am hereby ordering the immediate lifting of the unilateral ceasefire that I ordered last July 25 against the Communist rebels. Correspondingly, I’m ordering the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police to also withdraw the operational guidelines they issued in pursuance to that ceasefire declaration. I am ordering all security units to be on high alert and continue to discharge their normal functions and mandate to neutralize all threats to national security, protect the citizenry, enforce the laws and maintain peace in the land. Signed, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

GRANDE: Mr. Secretary, just a few questions, if you’ll take a few.

Has anybody from the government peace panel spoken to the CPP-NPA-NDFP leadership?

SEC. ANDANAR: I understand Sec. Bebot Bello is the secretary assigned to this task. And I just received a few exchanges from the secretary, the CPP-NDFP.

GRANDE: What can you tell us about the communications between the CPP-NPA-NDF leadership and the government?

SEC. ANDANAR: I am not in the position to do that. The best person to talk to is Sec. Bebot Bello.

GRANDE: Can you, at least, tell us, Mr. Secretary, what now becomes of the scheduled peace talks in Oslo this August?

SEC. ANDANAR: For now, Gigi, the plan to travel to Oslo, Norway continues. The plan to talk peace does not stop. And the plan for the group composed of Sec. Bebot Bello and Sec. Jess Dureza will move forward.

GRANDE: Alright, thank you very much for that update, Sec. Martin Andanar. Thank you, Sir.                                


SOURCE:  NIB (News and Information Bureau)