30 July 2016

PRRD bares relocation plan of informal settlers in Davao
President Rodrigo Duterte revealed the government’s plan to relocate informal settlers residing at Purok 35 within Barangay 76A, Davao City.

In a dinner with over a hundred families on July 29, the President asked for understanding and explained the reason for the relocation.

The government is going to use the area to build roads and other infrastructure to address the worsening traffic situation in Metro Davao.

In his previous pronouncements, PRRD had promised there would be no demolition without relocation. He gave a one-year timeframe to relocate all of the affected families.

The President said the government must first prepare the relocation site for economic development that would involve small enterprises.

He likewise urged the informal settlers to cooperate with the government, asking them to consider using birth control and practice family planning.

President Duterte said the country’s population has now reached 104 million, and the government can only do so much.
It is easier to attain economic viability for smaller families with one or two kids, he added. PND