Press Briefing by Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella
Press Briefing Room, New Executive Bldg., Malacañang
12 July 2016

Good morning, everyone. First, we just like to say it’s been a hectic several days. Anyway, yesterday we had a — the first meeting — Cabinet meeting with VP Robredo. And it was a very warm situation. She was warmly welcomed and she seemed to appreciate the fact that she was part of the Cabinet now.

Some things were taken into consideration during the meeting. Number one is the national disaster risk reduction. And there are some — some things were taken into consideration, for example, prioritizing security personnel and health workers to be sent as first responders to calamity damaged areas. There were also plans to preposition ships in a safe place like the path of the typhoon to readily respond to crisis.

Second, regarding the campaign versus illegal drugs, there are plans to set up regional rehabilitation centers for rehabilitation of drug users. Also, a memorandum, a proposed memorandum to barangay captains and mayors to — of places with high incidence of drugs that they may be investigated for serious neglect of duty if found to have neglected their tasks.

Regarding also the updates on transportation reforms, Secretary Tugade was very — made a presentation yesterday and already they have a menu of changes which could very positively impact the rate of flow — traffic flow, soon, very soon.

Alright, also, a briefing from the DOLE. DOLE has committed to reduce ENDO, contractualization, within six months, a considerable amount. And also, DTI, DTI has also committed to reduce the number of days to register a business to three days or ideally one day.

And as directed by the President, all agencies are to stop red tape in their agencies and to stop people from queuing up and ideally to do away or to shift to — [what do you call?] — appointment, appointments in order to be able to come back for your requirements.

Regarding the arbitration, the DFA Secretary will be the sole spokesperson regarding the matter. And he will be speaking as soon as the — he will be releasing a statement as soon as the decision is released.

So, that’s about it for — coming from where I am.


Pia Ranada (Rappler): Sir, does this mean that the Palace will not issue a statement on the arbitration’s decision later?

SEC. ABELLA: He will be…The Secretary’s statement will serve as the… He will be the one speaking for and in behalf.

Ms. Ranada: Was it also discussed in the Cabinet meeting if it can be said to the media, explained to the media what the scenarios are if the arbitration rules for the Philippines and if it does not rule — if it rules against the Philippines?

SEC. ABELLA: Everything will be subject to a discussion. Everything will have to be subject to a discussion. After all, it’s going to be a lengthy decision and there will be a number of details that need to be properly threshed out before any state[ment] — any decision is made publicly.

Ina Andolong (CNN Philippines): Previously, sir, the President said that once the decision is issued, he will be talking to everybody in the government. Can we be specific on which maybe sectors or people he plans to talk to about this?

SEC. ABELLA: Well, aside from the Cabinet, of course, the security cluster, okay. And the pertinent Cabinet members and also the entire Cabinet, obviously.

Leila Salaverria (The Philippine Daily Inquirer): Sir, with regard to the Vice President’s attendance at the Cabinet meeeting. Did the President give her any marching orders or any directive, any advice, any —

SEC. ABELLA: Basically, it was…She has her own program but she will definitely was…Maybe the main point was that she was welcomed and she was — aside from that, she was, she was made privy to the process and the thinking behind the war on drugs.

Ms. Salaverria: Did she express any concern about the ongoing campaign?

SEC. ABELLA: If she had, she didn’t express any.

Ms. Salaverria: With regard to housing, was there any directive or policy directive from the President or from Secretary Evasco?

SEC. ABELLA: Not yesterday, not yesterday.

Joseph Morong (GMA-7): Sir, regardless of the outcome, what did we… What’s going to be the guiding principle of the Philippine government in deciding the next steps for our government?

SEC. ABELLA: The top priority will be national interest. Definitely, national interest. Thank you.

Ms. Salaverria: Sir, as of now, do we have any plans — in case of a favorable ruling, how we will use the decision to our full advantage?

SEC. ABELLA: Like we said earlier, everything will have to be discussed because everything is systematic. It’s not just a question of having silo solutions, everything will have to be intermeshed. All the areas of government will have to be considered.

Ms. Ranada: Sir, the former US Ambassador Kenny was able to meet with officials from the Duterte administration. May we just know what was discussed during their meeting?

SEC. ABELLA: I am not privy to that particular meeting.

Ms. Andolong: Sir, if the decision comes out in favor of our side, at least what immediate scenarios do we expect? Ano ‘yung expected immediate — ano ba? — scenarios we are looking at especially maybe for the fishermen in disputed areas, ano ‘yung at least mararamdaman na dapat natin agad?

SEC. ABELLA: Well, like I said, I think it’s best to really just wait for the final statement. You know…It will have to be studied, it will have to be processed because one answer is connected to other issues. So we’ll just have to wait. Thank you.

Mr. Morong: Sir, excluding the inauguration, I think the Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines personally met with the President twice. Is it correct, sir?

SEC. ABELLA: I am not sure about twice but at least he met and he gave his congratulations, yes.

Mr. Morong: Only the congratulations? Nothing on the WPS? How about the American side, sir? Were there efforts to personally contact or talk to the President?

SEC. ABELLA: I am not privy to that like I said. I am not privy to that.

Reymund Tinaza (Bombo Radyo): Sir, just your reaction to the statement made by Senate President Franklin Drilon and other senators I think Senator Leila de Lima calling the statement of Sol Gen Calida “arrogant” because of his plan to or guidance to the PNP to snub the expected or proposed investigation on the drug pushers’ killing?

SEC. ABELLA: Basically, I think the…It should…The word is not really arrogant. I believe the Sol Gen is simply exercising his right, his duty as Solicitor General and lawyer for the government of the Philippines to make sure that all things are processed properly and the police, the police come under his purview. So, he was simply speaking for and in behalf of his authority and right to be able to exercise his role.

Mr. Tinaza: Sir, but do you see it proper considering that the committee of the Senate is yet to decide on the resolution whether they will be at (inaudible) or going through with the proposed investigation and yet this Sol Gen is already saying that he will be advised the PNP not to attend to to that — well, if it is in aid of legislation?

SEC. ABELLA: I don’t know if the word is right or what. But basically, he is simply making sure that everything goes with due process. Basically, just due process.

Mr. Tinaza: So, nonetheless, when the investigation will come, do we expect the President as the Commander-in-Chief will allow the PNP officials to attend the investigation regardless of what the motivation is?

SEC. ABELLA: Let’s just wait for the due process to come through. Okay. Thank you.

Mr. Morong: Sir, just to pick up on your point that there’s going to be a proposed memorandum to investigate barangay officials ‘no? You mentioned it. Sir, how soon are we going to expect this memorandum to be issued? And what… As a related topic?

SEC. ABELLA: I cannot give you a timeline about that. But it will be soon.

Mr. Morong. Will be soon? Sir, bakit kailangan isama ‘yung mga kapitan?

SEC. ABELLA: Well, kasama… Hindi ba — the incidence usually happens in the barangay level. So in order to be able to determine, it’s basically area management. You are referring to area management. If this is your area, that’s your area of responsibility.

Mr. Morong: Sir, anong liability?

SEC. ABELLA: I don’t know about the liability.

Mr. Morong: Sir, just a related topic on that. May proposal sir to arm ‘yung mga barangay tanods. What do you think?

SEC. ABELLA: There’s no word on that. It was not discussed.

Mr. Morong: Okay, sir. Thank you very much.

Tina Mendez (Philippine Star): Good morning, sir. As a follow up regarding the proposed Senate inquiry into drug-related killings — with the President saying na he won’t allow ‘yung Congress to bully his Executive branch, ‘yung Cabinet members and the Sol Gen speaking yesterday — do we see the President asking his men not to attend Senate inquiries, especially related to this issue?

SEC. ABELLA: I’m not sure if it’s a directive not to attend but basically what he’s saying is that they should pursue their job, their task, as fully as they can.

Ms. Mendez: As such, they can use that as an — to justify non-presence?

SEC. ABELLA: I’m not sure. Like I said it’s not a question of that he will tell them not to go or go. But basically, just is… really just encouraging them to just pursue their task as fully as they can.

Ace Romero (Philippine Star): With regard to the proposed memorandum circular, who will investigate the barangay executives and mayors?

SEC. ABELLA: Basically, I think that goes under the LGU.

Mr. Romero: The LG— the DILG?

SEC. ABELLA: I’m sorry. DILG. Yes.

Mr. Romero: So, okay. So, the DILG will investigate the local executives?

SEC. ABELLA: They will go to their own due process. But basically they’re bringing it down to that level. Okay.

Mr. Romero: Okay. So kumusta na po ‘yung memo na ‘to? Dina-draft na po ba ‘yung memo?

SEC. ABELLA: Basta it’s a process. It’s being… okay.

Mr. Romero: Thank you.

Mr. Morong: Sir, what happens to the — update, sir, doon sa magandang matrix ni Presidente. When is he going to name the mayors and how about the other four generals?

SEC. ABELLA: In due process, events are ano… events are — such are there are event — other issues are being attended to but in time, yes.

Mr. Tinaza: Sir, I understand, you are not talking here of only one drug triad. There are a lot of triad of — involved in drugs. So do we expect that all drug triads will be dealt with to considering this drug syndicate problem is very complex?

SEC ABELLA: Like you said, it’s very complex. And we want to reduce it as much as we can. Thank you.

Aileen Taliping (DWIZ): Good morning, sir. Umaani po — positive po ‘yung review o ‘yung reaksyon ng people doon sa anti-drug campaign ng Duterte government. But, meron pong apila si Archbishop o Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz na huwag naman daw pong kalimutan ‘yung kampanya laban sa illegal gambling? Kasi apparently, meron ding mga takers sa illegal gambling, from gambling lords na mga officials and also from the PNP.

SEC. ABELLA: I’m sure ‘no — I’m sure kasama na lahat ‘yan. Because ‘di ba ang priorities ni Presidente is drugs, crime, and corruption. You know, not necessarily in that order but those are his top priorities. Okay. So kasama na po ‘yun.

Nel Maribojoc (UNTV): Sir, about doon sa implementation ng curfew for minors on a national level. How will this be implemented? Through an EO po ba?

SEC. ABELLA: I’m not entirely sure about that, whether it’s going to be EO or whether it’s going to be legislated. But, definitely it will be implemented, you know, however form it’s going to be pursued or in what particular manner.

Mr. Maribojoc: Second question po. Pabor po si Pangulong Duterte dito sa national ID system? Sabi ng iba, invasion ng privacy po ito na labag sa Saligang Batas. Ano pong masasabi ng Palasyo po dito? 

SEC. ABELLA: Actually ‘yung ano…Actually ‘yung — the proposal for national ID came from the business sector ha. During the business conference in Davao, there was a clamor for that. That was actually — surprisingly, it was a top clamor. So hindi po siya galing lang sa Presidente. It’s really a clamor from the business sector. Apparently, it will facilitate better business processes and everything.

Mr. Tinaza: It’s a follow up to the national ID system. I understand the groups who are against this are clearly from the left. So, now that the left are already in the Cabinet, does the President has a plan to convince or talk with the left in his Cabinet not to — I mean to go against this national ID system?

SEC. ABELLA: Every— The Cabinet works, aside from… It’s really working by consensus ‘yan. Everybody is entitled to his own politics but at the end of the day, we all agree to work for the common good. 

John Paolo Bencito (The Manila Standard): Sir, good morning.

SEC. ABELLA: Good morning.

Mr. Bencito: Sir, regarding the pork barrel. Navotas Representative Tobias Tiangco said that there are 80 million allotted funds for Congressmen to have pork in the 2017 budget, sir. Sir, how does the Executive… Two questions sir: How does the executive view the pork barrel now in its present form? And, sir, is this within the bounds of legality of the decision made the Supreme Court, sir?

SEC ABELLA: That issue has not yet been raised during Cabinet meetings so I cannot make any specific references to that. But, I’m sure the DBM will be able to look through this.

Hannah Sancho (Sonshine Radio): Good morning, sir. Sir, doon po sa concern ni Senator De Lima at ang VACC po na dapat daw ‘yung big fish po ‘yung hinuhuli ng administrasyon at hindi po ‘yung mga low-income families po na most of the time sila po ‘yung nabibiktima doon
sa extra judicial killing. Ano pong stand ng Palace dito? 

SEC. ABELLA: Well, basically si ano — The President is simply pursuing a line of action that is already been set before and based on intelligence reports and stuff like that. I’m sure even these references will be included within a proper timeline. Thank you.

Ms. Sancho: May mga efforts po ba ‘yung Palasyo to remind the police? Kasi ang isa pang concern ng VACC na baka i-abuse ng PNP ‘yung powers nila na para patayin na lang ‘yung suspect?

SEC. ABELLA: You know, this being a situation right now. Continually, they’re being reminded that everything must go through due process. There must be regularity in the carrying out of their efforts.

Ted Tuvera (Daily Tribune): Sir, follow up lang po doon sa pork barrel. Kasi nabanggit po kasi ni Representative Tiangco na parang inaadvisan sila na magpasa ng mga infrastructure projects nila. Sabi nga niya doon sa isang report, today, Tuesday, mag-meeting daw sila. 

SEC. ABELLA: Sinong sila? Sino pong sila?

Mr. Tuvera: Si Congressman Tiangco.

SEC. ABELLA: ‘Yung Congress? Okay. The Congress, okay.

Mr. Tuvera: Sir, does the President authorize congressmen to submit their infrastructure pet project proposals, sir?

SEC. ABELLA: I think they also go through their own due process right? So, whatever issues they have, it still has to go through a proper process, due process. Thank you.

Mr. Tuvera: Paanong process po ‘yun, sir?

SEC. ABELLA: They have their own. They have their own… they have their own system.

Mr. Bencito: Sir, does the President have a word that there could be a pork barrel in Congress, sir?

SEC. ABELLA: If you’re asking me, there was no reference to that during the Cabinet meetings ‘no.

Mr. Bencito: But, sir on… Based on your knowledge sir or what you’ve heard sir?

SEC. ABELLA: I do not have any opinions. Okay. I simply transmit to you what I ano —

Mr. Bencito: Thank you, sir.

Ms. Mendez: Sir, without referring to this as pork barrel. Has there been an order or at least a directive or a call for congressmen to list up their priority projects for 2017 budget?

SEC. ABELLA: I belong to the Executive, you know. So, it’s beyond my ano — it’s beyond my paycheck. So it doesn’t fall within the Executive, ano.

Ms. Ranada: Sir, just a follow up on the transportation plans of Transportation Secretary Tugade. You mentioned he presented a list of possible solutions to the traffic and you said it might be felt very soon. Can we have a timeline of the “very soon” promise and what exactly did he propose?

SEC. ABELLA: Since most of these are proposals yet, I better not refer to that. But, I’m sure within the next 100 days, we’re going to see… Meron ng ano, may mga resulta. Already there seems to be some, right? Some daw, okay. But anyway, so within the next 100 days, you should be feeling some.

Ms. Ranada: Sir, define feeling. As in—?

SEC. ABELLA: Like for example… Well, there’s a certain proposals kasi. There are certain proposals like being able to buy — it’s not yet fully implemented. But… I don’t know how far it is down the line. But like for example, being able to purchase tickets not just from the ano, not just from the, not just from on site, before you go on. To be able to buy tickets from other sources and also proposing what do you call it — nicer and better waiting rooms.

Ms. Taliping: Good morning, ulit, sir. Na-discuss po ba doon sa Cabinet meeting yung ano kahapon — ‘yung tungkol doon sa mga projects ng DPWH na hanggang ngayon nakatengga pa rin sa labas, sa mga kalsada at minsan nagiging dahilan na rin ng malakawang pagbaha? May report na po ba si Secretary Villar kung ano yung

SEC. ABELLA: What was your question?

SEC. ABELLA: May report na po ba si Secretary Villar kung ano ‘yung –

SEC. ABELLA: He did mention it tinatapos but, for example, ‘yung ano —

Ms. Taliping: Mandaluyong, sir?

SEC. ABELLA: I’m not sure dapat specific — about the area specific pero he did mention that some of the projects that were expected to be able to — [anong tawag dito?] — to be in time for the La Niña, may not yet be ready, may not yet be totally ready.

Ms. Taliping: So we expect more floodings?

SEC. ABELLA: Not because of that but because of the weather. But definitely what we are — what he said was, a number of the things that were supposed to be finished are not yet done.

Ms. Taliping: Wala po bang…Sir, follow up, kasi po even just here lang Aguado lang, sir, binabakbak ‘yung mga kalsada so nagiging problema po ‘yung mga daanan ng mga motorista going here inside the Malacañang complex. Ito po ay mga projects po before pa.

SEC. ABELLA: Yes, so you want to…I don’t have…I cannot make any comments on that regarding when it’s gonna be finished or when. But definitely this is part of Sec. Mark’s projects.

Mr. Morong: Sir, sa drugs ha. Sir, is the government making a distinction between those who were killed in a legitimate police operation and those who were killed not by policemen but maybe other drug users or drug peddlers?

SEC. ABELLA: As per directive, everything should be done with regularity. So, you know, so your question is — comes under that. Whether it should…Things…The pursuit of reducing the use of illegal drugs not totally wiping it out must be with regularity. So iyon ‘yon.

Mr. Morong: Sir, what happens now to those who were being killed not by policemen?

SEC. ABELLA: Well, if such can be proven, and not just speculative, it must go to the same process also. File a case, yes, file a case.

Mr. Tuvera: Sir, kasi po binabanggit dati ni Presidente na isa sa mga priorities niya ‘yung pagkakaroon ng mga infrastructure projects lalo na sa countryside. Sir, is the President willing to cooperate with congressmen to rush ‘yung ganitong mga projects, sir?

SEC. ABELLA: I think we need to assume that he is — of course, he is very — he will cooperate, whatever is going to be done for the common good. But right now, ang priorities niya really is this, you know. But this is not to say that he will not pursue infrastructures. He will. As presented, they will be accommodated, as presented by Congress.

Benjie Liwanag (DZBB): Sir, good morning. Sir, nadiscuss ho ba doon sa Cabinet meeting ‘yung traffic kasi isa ito doon sa priority ni Pangulong Duterte and also we are having a problem until now with this traffic dahil hinihintay pa raw po ‘yung coming from the Congress. So while wala pa po ‘yung hinihiling ng Executive na bigyan ng special power si Pangulo, na-discuss na ho ba ito?

SEC. ABELLA: It wasn’t discussed. Actually, there was a presentation made. Presentations are made already. Katulad ‘nung binanggit ko kanina, there are certain efforts already being done. So hindi lang basta inaantay ‘yung executive order. For example, may mga ano sila — meron ng mga — meron silang mga technical adjustments being done so that will increase incrementally the ano — the number of passengers and the number of trips. So meron po. So hindi lang po inaantay ‘yung executive order. Talaga pong may mga efforts already being done.

Mr. Liwanag: MMDA Chairman Carlos…

SEC. ABELLA: Wala pa po kaming…I’m sorry, yes?

Mr. Liwanag: Ibinalik po e ng Malakanyang — nakatanggap po siya ng ano that…

SEC. ABELLA: I think he is acting as OIC.

Mr. Liwanag: OIC.

SEC. ABELLA: Until such time as he is able to place his own person.

Mr. Liwanag: Pero meron po bang napipiling iba pang tao si Pangulo?

SEC. ABELLA: In the meantime, we wait for the OIC.

Dexter Ganibe (DZMM): Secretary, good noon.

SEC. ABELLA: Yes po.

Mr. Ganibe: Sir, binabanggit… Binabanggit niyo kanina ‘yung to deal with regularities ‘yung campaign against drugs. Kasama po ba — may pahayag po ba ang Malacañang kaugnay doon sa halos karamihan ‘nong namamatay o napapatay na sinasabing nanlaban ay ang tama sa ulo o kaya sa mga pinaka-vital part ng katawan ng tao.

SEC. ABELLA: Ang masasabi ko lang po is this: If there be, if there be, if there be any situations which they find irregular, then proper cases should be filed. Okay.

Henry Uri (DZRH): Magandang hapon po. May plano ho bang ipatawag ng Pangulo ang kasalukuyang pamunuan ng PNP para malaman sa kanila ang katotohanan dito sa mga alegasyon na marami sa mga pinapatay ay frame up lamang at para hindi na kumanta, bago po ipatawag ng Senado, ang mga heneral ng pulisya?

SEC. ABELLA: Kung plano po, hindi ko pa alam pero I’m sure they are in conversation. Nag-uusap po siguro sila. Nag-uusap sila patungkol sa mga bagay na ‘yan.

Mr. Uri: Opo. ‘Yun hong regional rehabilitation center, paano po ang mekanismo nito, Secretary?

SEC. ABELLA: Ang ano po kasi, ang napag-usapan, ang napag-uusapan, is that there will be regional rehab centers. Kasi napakarami nga. So, it will be held on a regional basis.

So… And also, the President is also welcoming other efforts, you know, mga other efforts by other groups na makakatulong sa pag-rehab ng mga ano, ng mga nag-surrender, mga surrenderees. So, kumbaga ‘yun ang — that’s the general trend that there will be rehab centers on — regional rehab centers.

Mr. Uri: Kung may mga pribadong sector na willing tumulong, ie-entertain po ba ito ng Malacañang?

SEC. ABELLA: Opo, of course. Just as long as we are able to coordinate efforts.

Mr. Uri: Okay. Salamat po.

Rose Novenario (Hataw): Good afternoon, sir. Since natalakay po ninyo ‘yung tungkol sa La Niña, na-discuss din po ba ninyo ‘yung possible relocation po ng informal settlers na lagi pong naaapektuhan ng mga pagbaha tuwing malakas ‘yung buhos ng ulan?

SEC. ABELLA: Ano po… Kasama po yata talaga sa ano ‘yan, sa mga discussion ‘nong clusters. But definitely, definitely ang talagang binibigyan tuon ngayon is the preparedness, the preparedness. Kasama na rin po siguro ‘yung pag-warning and pagre-relocate.

Ms. Novenario: So wala pong nabanggit na kahit na katiting na kahit project proposal po si VP Robredo as housing czar?

SEC. ABELLA: VP Robredo? Well, ‘yun po ang kauna-unahang meeting niya. So, nakinig lang po siya muna. She was just participating.

Ms. Novenario: Thank you.

Deo De Guzman (RMN): Yes sir. Good morning po. May I ask how is the President preparing for this first SONA? And is he going to convene his first LEDAC and what are the proposed bills that the administration will push?

SEC. ABELLA: He is listening. In terms of preparation, he’s asking for input from — he’s asking input from the Cabinet and everybody. Regarding the LEDAC, we’ll just have to wait until his ano, ‘yung — during his ‘yung kanyang SONA. Okay. And what was your third question?

Mr. De Guzman: Priority bills, sir.

SEC. ABELLA: Priority bills. You know, again, I’m sure he’s going to be giving priority to the fight against crime, the fight against criminality, against…

Mr. de Guzman: Is he going to read a script during his SONA or spontaneous lang din po siya?

SEC. ABELLA: During the inauguration, he read from the teleprompter. I think he did a good job.

Mr. Bencito: Sir, last na po. Sir, may statement po ‘yung CHR yesterday: There are two standards of justice being employed by the President —

SEC. ABELLA: There are two what?

Mr. Bencito: Two standards of justice being employed by the President in killing of criminal, sir: one for the rich and one for the poor. The CHR basically states, sir, na kung ano dapat — kung may name and shame campaign ‘yung ginawa sa mga generals, sir, sana ganon din ‘yung gawin sa mga mahihirap, hindi ‘yung pinapatay, sir. Sir, do you believe that the Duterte administration, particularly the police, is employing different means to achieve justice or to end the drug menace, sir. And lastly sir, update sir sa FOI and will this done in the…Sir, is the FOI also included in the police operation, sir?

SEC. ABELLA: Okay, regarding the statement, okay. Regarding the statement that the President is using double standards. I think his — his past actions, history has proven, based on results, that he uses one single standard. One single standard. Maybe just in the process of implementation, but he uses one single standard, from top to bottom, he does the same thing.

So regarding the FOI and — there’s supposed to be… It was already being — [anong tawag dito?] — it was already being under study and it should have been… It should been signed pretty soon.

Mr. Bencito: Sir, specific date. Meron po kaya tayo?

SEC. ABELLA: Wala po akong date.

Mr. Bencito: Pero within the week, sir?

SEC. ABELLA: Hopefully, hopefully.

Q: You might have answered this question earlier but just to bring it up. There’s been lot of criticisms of Secretary Yasay’s statements over the South China Sea and, of course, we are going to see the decision come down later today. What is the administration going to do and what is its position, I mean given this conflicting…

SEC. ABELLA: All of these questions that you have are going to be based on the actual results. So we’ll just have to wait until it’s released and then we process it. We hope it will be best for everybody involved.

Q: But will you…Suppose… Assuming it’s favorable towards the Philippines, what will we be doing? Will we be having this offer of negotiations with China? Will we be using the results as diplomatic leverage? Can we…

SEC. ABELLA: I think it’s best that we wait for the statement.

Thank you very much. You’ve been a great audience.