President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s Speech during  the Mindanao Hariraya Eid’l Fit’r 2016
SMX Convention Center Davao, Davao City
08 July 2016
[Delivered at SMX Convention Center Davao, Davao City, Aired via People’s Television Network/PTV-4]

Secretary Yasmin Busran-Lao of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos; Atty Guiling Mamondiong, he will be the Secretary of TESDA. It is a Cabinet position. Councilor Halila Sudagar of the Davao City Council; Deputy Mayor Ismael Mike Nakan Al-Hadj; and other deputy mayors; Ali Muhammad Yusop Pasigan, the Regional Mufti of Davao Region; Director Aleem Jamal Munib of the Madrasah Schools; Laxaman Bancola, Bangon Mindanao founder; Shiekh Abdul Razzaq, Kapayapaan Peace Center founding chairman; my Muslim brothers and sisters; fellow workers in government; my beloved countrymen.

You might be surprised that there are only about three, four, or five Muslims who would be occupying a Cabinet position. Alam mo kasi, ganito ‘yan: We are trying to do a framework and if I succeed in convincing everybody in Mindanao, if I could convince my MILF brothers and Nur Misuari of the MN, there will be a reconfiguration of the territory and most of them will occupy the regional or state positions.

Mahirap na kasi na maumpisahan because I foresee that towards the end of the year, we’d be able to come up with the framework, kung paano gawin ang federalism. But, if the Filipino nation and a plebiscite would not want it, then I am ready to concede whatever is there in the BBL Law.

We will see to it that it will pass. And also, in fairness to Nur, we might also configure his territory of the Tausug nation. Then, we will have a new boundaries and these boundaries does not really intend to separate our brother Moro from the Christian. Rather, it is intended only to delineate territories. But, that should not keep us apart from being Mindanaoans. For you know, you must realize that most of the Christians here in Mindanao, your brother Christians, are supporting the federalism and the BBL.

So, tatanggapin natin sa isa’t isa. Let us build a nation that will be founded on peace and understanding. Ang tingin ko, with the grace of Allah, I might be able to do this within six years. It will not come overnight. Certainly, it will not come next year. Probably, it will be something about two to three years from now. But I assure you that something will change before I end my term.

So, ‘yung mga kapatid kong MI, a promise is a promise. Ang — my word of honor is something which I value very much. Kaya ako pag nag-bitaw ng salita ‘yun na ‘yun at hindi ko na pinapalitan.

So these are the things that we have to work in on our aspirations. I do not think that there will be another chance for the Mindanaoans to expect change kung… pag nawala ako. It might be for a long time again. Baka mahintay pa kung si Omar ‘yung anak ko maging Presidente na naman. And that is, he is devoted, devout Moro, Muslim. He goes to the… mga mosque to pray and I like it. I like religious people, especially my grand children.

Now, having said that, I’d like to, you know, talk about our problems that bedevils our country. Alam mo, nawala na talaga ang bilib ng tao sa gobyerno. I’m not saying na nandyan sa akin. It remains to be seen kung paano natin, mabigyan ng lunas ang problema.

May I ask everybody? I have the list, it includes police generals. Nandoon ‘yung mga municipal and city mayors. Meron ding nandito sa Mindanao. May mga Maranao sa listahan. May mga Bisaya, marami. May Kuratong Baleleng hanggang ngayon. Ang napagtataka ako, there’s Kuratong Baleleng sa Ozamiz. Pain in the ass ka nga sa Pilipino. Hindi na nahinto-hinto ‘yang kalokohan ng mga nag-retire na mga sundalo, sa gobyerno kung ano-anong pinapasukan — kidnapping, sa droga, sa lahat.

You know, ang panahon hindi palaging ganon. There is God who will maybe punish you one of these days. Pero sa panahon ko, hindi ako Diyos, I’m just an ordinary mortal. I’m just a follower of Allah. But, I take (inaudible) — you know I started in Catholic school but it does not — I’m not a Christian actually. I believe in God. Only Allah. Nobody else. Only one God. Alam ninyo ‘yan. Kung nakikisama lang ako, it’s because I’m a politician. You know — Kung saan ka nandoon, kung anong simbahan ka na-timingan sa program, ‘di doon ka. Pero, alam ng lahat na (inaudible) really disappointed also with some of the other sect. Kaya ko sila binigwasan e. Ako lang ang tao na nag-insulto ng mga bishop pati. E mga tarantado kasi. (inaudible) So ako lang ang… lahat. Pati media. Boycott, boycott daw sila, ‘di binoycott ko sila, ‘di wala na. E, kayo e.

Pati ngayon, itong mga military generals. I am not condemning them. They deserve an investigation. But I cannot wait. My oath of office, when I say “so help me God, the Allah,” I have the sworn duty to let you know kung ano ang nangyayari sa ating bayan.

So these are the things that I have to do because I’m the President. In like manner, when I was mayor I said there are things which I have to do because nobody would do it for us, except ako — na kung ayaw ninyo, ako ang hihirit. So look at Davao. Wala namang pinatawad dito, mga Waray, mga Maranao, Ilonggo, basta dito pantay-pantay and everybody is answerable to the law.

‘Yan ang utos ni Allah. Do not do wrong to your fellowmen and you treat everybody equal. In the eyes of Allah, we are all equal. So ganoon ang nangyari and I have a still a — ang aking center piece talaga, I’m working overtime with Jun Evasco and the rest for… to constitute, ready na kami sa aming group sa gobyerno to talk to the MI, MN.

I might travel to Jolo. ‘Wag sana lang akong i-kidnap ng Abu Sayyaf. Wala naman akong perang maibigay sa kanila. Diretso putol na lang para — I have to go to Jolo to talk to Nur. And maybe I’ll order the military to just let him… just for a while for him to move around Mindanao to get a consensus amongst the followers of MN and we would be ready, simultaneous ang ating usapan sa MI.

But I said, I assure that if there is no federalism, kung ayaw talaga ng the rest of the country, well then I said what you give to the MI, must be given to MN kasi pareho lang e. I hope that we can have peace in the land. Others, marami akong plano sa ating bayan but I have to clean up. Nandyan si (inaudible) and the others. Even before the campaign, I was always stressing corruption must stop. Corruption must stop. At lahat ‘yung may ibinigay ng gobyerno para sa tao, kailangan dumating sa tao.

Now, I would like you to know that’s Cotabato’s ARMM region, has the highest incidence of hunger. So diyan ako magbuhos ng lahat, tulong, pagkain, pati ‘yung nutrition sa mga bata. Naawa ako sa mga bata. Because that is what the men on the ground, ‘yung nagsu-survey, na the highest incidence is in Mindanao. And mas profound ang hunger dito sa ating banda, including Davao. So ang ano ko muna is a national feeding program. Mabuti na lang nandito itong mga Left.

Ang gobyerno ko kasi nandyan lahat. May mga Left, komunista, may mga Right, halo-halo. Para isang usapan lang.

And this is as good as any other time, if I may just suggest to the Communist Party of the Philippines, and the media to refrain from, you know, mga ambush ambush pati patayan. Anyway, we are talking. Binigyan na nga tayo ng very good example ni Bro. Murad na in spite of the non-passage of the BBL, walang gumalaw. And Nur is also just having a stand down somewhere in Jolo.

Para ma-ano natin, hintuan na muna natin itong mga pag-kidnap kidnap ng mga sundalo. Wala naman silbi ‘yan. So that we can talk properly without the ramblings of a — paghihinakit. Kasi ‘di naman maari na ang military will just keep silent and all of their men are being kidnapped and killed and while we’re in the process of perfecting a — the wherewithals of how to proceed with the peace talks.

Alam ho ninyo, we are a nation, we are all brothers and sisters by blood. About the only time nagkagulo itong bayan natin, e kasi si Magellan pumunta dito in 1521, bringing with him Christianity. I have nothing against religion pero iniwan na sana ng gagong… religion doon sa Espanya. Bakit ba dadala-dala dito?

Kagaya ng Mindanao it was ahead by almost 100 years kasi naman – si Lapu-lapu Muslim na nga. And you know, by force of arms because there was gun powder. Wala kasi ang — Malay race tayo. Wala naman tayong mga gun powder, mga canyon and the cannons of the day. We were ignorant about that so we are just— ngayon over decades by force, naging Christians ‘yung mga Malay brothers ninyo, natin doon sa Visayas.

So those are the religion that was from down their thrones. And how — you know how the Spaniards are very cruel at that time. So let us take that as a footnote of a history to understand each other.

Buti sana kung (inaudible) sa Visayas, e mga Russian doon, o tayo dito Malaysian, patayan talaga. Kaya pwede ‘yang ganon. To the fact that before the coming of religion, we were all natives of the sultanates, somehow, datu-datu. Then because of colonialism, and that is what is happening in the Middle East.

Ayaw lang mag-(inaudible) itong Britain pati America, they force their way to Iraq and killed Saddam. Look at Iraq now. Look what happened to Libya. Look what happened to Syria. Nauubos ang tao doon, pati bata binobomba ng gasolina, because of — they were push to the wall for the failed promises.

Kaya sabi ko I am not including Abu Sayaff dito sa criminality, you’ve never heard me say “mga kriminal.” It is – it is a different set up there because these are the guys who were driven to desperation.

Wala na nga from Nur. Alam ko ‘yan, from Nur to the ARMM. There was no sufficient semblance of governance. And that is why they are pushed to the wall, then they became capitalize. That’s what happened in Middle East. It is not that the Middle East is exporting terrorism sa America. America imported terrorism, sila ‘yung —

Sinira nila ang Middle East e. Sino ba naman ‘yung si Saddam? (inaudible) but he was in firm control of the country. And now they turn out that after the investigation, he must have a (inaudible). After a thorough, almost 10 years investigation, it turn out there was no legal basis to declare war against Iraq. Kita mo ‘yan, that’s why it’s easy (inaudible).

As a nation, we must seek a venue. Bakit tayo magpatayan? Magnegosyo na lang tayo lahat. Tutal ang mga Maranao dumating na doon sa Abra. (inaudible) Anywhere, in the Philippines, basta may marinig na “DVD, DVD” ay wala na. Maranao — nandito mga Maranao, nandito.

And they were very enthusiastic, pasalamat naman ako. I love you, shukran — Magpasagasa ka lang sa sasakyan namin para lang maka- (inaudible) and the love that you have shown, the filial, brotherhood instinct — And I love you all, and may Allah give him the abundance of life there. Sila lang ‘yan nandoon, talagang ano sila, halos just to earn a living.

And it is all right for them to be anywhere or everywhere because they are Filipinos and they own this country. Lahat tayo dito, ating bayan ‘to.

So although, religion is a very sensitive issue, let us not really do something that will inflame or agitate trouble about religion. We all believe at the same God. I said Allah has blessed us with so many things. There is a temporary lull in violence in Mindanao.

Give me a chance to perfect an arrangement and I will be happy. The end of Ramadan and you’d fell great after so many nights of praying, daytime fasting, just to make us realize how important the existence of man in this —

So let us respect each other, let us talk before doing anything that would spin a violence, that is not good. Tutal nandito lang naman ako. Alam naman ninyo kung sino ako. Although my lola came from humble beginnings — so with that small of (inaudible) medyo maliit lang, manipis na bandage to you.

Let me use it as a bridge, not only between Christians and — let me use it a bridge for all to be happy in this world and to do the things that Allah wanted us to do: To do good and to believe in him and to live according to the rules of the greater man. Maraming salamat po.