AFP Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Ricardo Visaya’s Speech during the PSG Change of Command Ceremony
PSG Grandstand, Malacañang Park, Manila
02 July 2016
May I greet first the two principals in this today’s change of command ceremony, wherein one member of “Sandiwa Class” turned over the responsibility to another of the same class. [Applause]

Sa bagay, sir, uso na ata ngayon ‘yun, just like what happened yesterday. So the newly relieved Commander of the Presidential Security Group Real Admiral Raul Ubando and Annie and the kids. Annie, please don’t expect too much from Raul, saka ‘yung mga bata, ‘wag kayong maniwala sa sinabi niya kanina [Laughter] na marami na siyang oras para sa inyo but because it’s still the same. He has still many jobs to do as the Inspector General of the Philippine Navy. [Applause] The incoming or the newly designated is Commander Colonel Ronaldo Bautista; of course ang ating Executive Secretary honorable Salvador Medialdea, sir; my mista, the J1 of Armed Forces of the Philippines, Rear Admiral Allan Rosal; our J3, Major General Carlito Galvez; the representative of the Commanding General of the Philippine Army Brigadier General Raul Farnacio; representive of the Commanding General Philippine Air Force Colonel Allen T. Paredes; ang ating Adjutant si Brigadier General Reuel Sorilla; former senior military assistant Brigadier General Jose Caparas; the Deputy Commander of PSG Colonel Rosalito Martinez; the Chief of Staff of PSG Colonel Antonio Nafarrete; the Sergeant Major Chief Master Sergeant Maximo Guillermo; may I also greet our friends from Tarlac, Dr. Isa Cojuangco-Suntay, Ma’am, and Ma’am the mother, Mrs. Isabel Cojuangco-Suntay; of course I would like also to greet, nandiyan lang siya nagtatago na naman, a very good friend from Davao, the member of the Sangguniang Bayan Sta. Cruz Davao del Sur, Hon. Tata Sala, nasaan na? Nagtago na talaga; other distinguished guests; friends from the media; the members of the PMA Sandiwa Class of 1985 and their ladies [applause], palagi kong sinasabi na pag ka nakita ko ang mga Class ’85, kung umasta kayo para kayong mga Class ’83 [laughter]; other distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

We have witnessed organizational dynamism at work during the past couple of days through a series of leadership transitions. In quick recollection of the recent events, President Rodrigo Duterte was inaugurated as the Chief Executive of the Republic of the Philippines two days ago, and just yesterday, I assumed as the new Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

One good rippling effect of these changes is the opportunity for professional growth that comes along with it. The ascent in position triggers career progression as well, like what is transpiring today. As we change guards for the Presidential Security Group, we also witness growth in the careers of our two principal actors this morning.

The outgoing commander, Rear Admiral Raul Ubando, relinquished his post after a successful tenure in order to assume a position of higher responsibility in the Philippine Navy. His successor, Colonel Rolando Joselito D. Bautista, takes over to assume command as PSG Commander after being handpicked by the President himself. As both of them have reached another milestone in their respective career, I lead the men and women of the AFP in extending our warmest congratulations to Admiral Ubando and Colonel Bautista. Please give them a big hand. [applause]

Admiral Ubando has had rich share of legacies as the first navy officer to take commandership of the Presidential Security Group. The success of his two-year tenure paved the way to the formation of a highly reliable elite defense group that the PSG is renowned for today. The assurance of the safety and protection of the nation’s highest leaders, his or her immediate family, and visiting foreign dignitaries is indeed a herculean duty, but the PSG’s high sense of courage, valor and patriotism remain incontestable under Rear Admiral Ubando’s watch.

The Philippines has had the privilege to accommodate many important events in the course of the past two years. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2015, for instance, was a shining moment for the PSG. The defense unit endured and won against threats to the safety of 20 high-level foreign leaders and around 10,000 other members of the delegation. From their cordial welcome to their safe send-off, we credit the success of the two-day international conference to the competence, commitment and professionalism exhibited by every member of the Presidential Security Group.

Now as our country has entered a new socio-economic and political era with the new head of state, I fully trust that the PSG remains committed to their mission in the safekeeping of our leaders and other key figures that the President may direct. This is the challenge that I impose to the new PSG Commander. Knowing his brand of service because he commanded the 104 Brigade based in Basilan, where I commanded too five years ago. I believe that he will be able to deliver as expected.

As the national leadership has set a new course of direction, every soldier in our ranks is expected to strictly heed the guidance and pronouncements as this is cascaded down to the field units. We trust Colonel Bautista to ably do the share as he will lead the Presidential Security Group, not only in thwarting all categories of threats, but equally so by continuing the legacy of protecting key figures that our people trust to lead this country and bring this nation to live in an atmosphere of peace, stability and development.

To the men and women of the PSG, I urge all of you to support your new Commander. Extend your cooperation and exhibit your best performances you are known for. Ensure the safety of our key policymakers and decision makers. They toil so much to arrive at crucial decisions to steer our country forward and build the nation. They as much deserve to be protected and secured to freely do their respective jobs. We owe it to them and to the people to guarantee their security and protection from threat and harm.

To Rear Admiral Ubando, Raul, congratulations for a tenure thick with successes. Vacating the position knowing that you have brought abundant victories and honor to the PSG is a testament of your exceptional leadership potential. As you take on an equally demanding position as the Naval Inspector General, I am certain that you will be able to tackle the torrential tasks that come along with your new role.

To every member of the Presidential Security Group, I give you my highest commendation for the splendid job you have accomplished in service of our nation’s leaders. As we greet the new Commander, Rolly, may you continue to display your perseverance and unwavering devotion to duty.

Mabuhay ang Presidential Security Group!

Maraming salamat at magandang araw po sa ating lahat! [applause]