02 July 2016

Pres. Duterte supports Gen. Dela Rosa, warns police vs. illegal activities
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte reiterated his confidence in Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa as the new leader of the country’s police force. During the change of command at the PNP headquarters in Camp Crame, Quezon City, the President expressed his support for Dela Rosa, who carries a track record of excellence.

“In selecting the PNP Director General and these sensitive positions that have something to do with the enforcement of laws and the punitive actions that are available in that office, most of those I have appointed were former police directors of the City of Davao,” Duterte said.

He added “these are the guys who went through their careers passing by Davao, and these are the only guys that I knew and I have worked closely and had the time to observe their character and integrity.”

Speaking before the members of the diplomatic corps, other police officers, and their family members, Duterte said he told Dela Rosa “huwag tayong mapahiya sa Pilipino” (let’s not disappoint the Filipinos). He likewise assured the PNP chief that “I will protect you in all of your undertakings and adventures. As a law enforcement guy, I will be there to protect you. I will provide you the funds. I will provide the weapons needed to fight criminality, particularly drugs.”

A graduate of the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1986, Dela Rosa is the first member of the class to get the four-star rank, the most number of stars in the organization. He and the President go back a long way and have similar advocacy, working hand in hand in making Davao City peaceful.

As the nation’s top cop, Dela Rosa will be the law enforcement component of Duterte’s war on criminality, drugs and corruption. Like a father ordering his son to do good, the President performed gestures such as dusting Dela Rosa’s Pershing cap and uniform while whispering words that made the PNP chief chuckle.

In his acceptance speech, Dela Rosa introduced his family and made special mention of his mother, who could hardly put him through school. He said, “Nay, hindi mo ako mapag-aral noon kasi walang pambaon pero 4-star general na ako ngayon!” (Mom, you could not put me through school because I had no “baon” but now, I’m a 4-star general)

The PNP chief added,” If Mayor Duterte’s presidency is destiny, then my becoming the Chief PNP is also destiny which only God can make possible. So I think this as a God-given mission–to become President Duterte’s right hand man in his fight against drugs, criminality, and corruption in order to provide each and every Filipino a safe, secure, and comfortable life.”
General Dela Rosa said, “to our beloved President, words are not enough to express my gratitude for your unwavering trust and confidence in me. I pledge to you our endless and unquestionable loyalty. Being the Chief PNP comes only once so I better give it my all and give it my best shot. I will not fail you! Itotodo ko na ito (I’ll do my very best) and I swear I will not fail you, Mr. President.”

Dela Rosa considers himself a father who rules by way of reward and punishment. “It is either you are with me or you are not with me. If you are with me then, let’s do it but if you are not with me, then you are finished!”

Known for his staunch anti-crime stance, he warned criminals in jest, “I will change your birthday to November 2! Bilang na ang araw ninyo! (Your days are numbered).

Duterte reiterates desire to end war with rebel groups
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte led on Friday the change of command of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) at Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo where he reiterated his desire to end the atrocities with the Communist Party of the Philippines- New People Army (CPP-NPA), Moro International Liberation Front (MILF) and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

President Duterte, in his speech during the AFP change of command, reiterated that his primary duty for the country as the president is not to go to war but to bring peace to the land. “It is not a war to be fought forever. We cannot fight forever. We might have the weapons, the armaments, and the bullets, mortars…… My job is to bring peace but hand in hand I must also bring order in my country.”

He mentioned that even before he was proclaimed president, he was already busy going around Mindanao talking to people, encouraging them to help bring peace in the country.

The President mentioned Jose Maria Sison, whom he wants to talk to, to bring about an inclusive government.

“It behooves upon me and I think to really look for the answer and I can hack it, and if can talk to Maria Sison and bring about — not a coalition government — an inclusive government.”

Adding that he plans to talk to the MILF and the MNLF to discuss about peace.

“Next week, we are to talk and eventually I think I’ll have to travel to Jolo to talk to Nur [Misuari]. I’m willing to give them safe conduct passes, only the leaders. At baka matsambahan ko na magkaroon tayo ng mapayapa (I might be lucky to achieve the peace). And if that happens really, I can retire happy and I can look back and say that I did my duty in nation building.”

Aside from this, the President wants to suppress and eliminate the proliferation of illegal drugs in the society.

He warned drug lords and criminals to stop their thing, for he will be harsh to them.

President Duterte then promised to eliminate the drug lords and put to stop what is happening inside the national penitentiary (bilibid).

He recalled of the promise he made during his final rally in Luneta where he said “I will put at stake my honor, my life and the presidency,” in fulfilling his campaign promise to stop criminality and atrocities in the country.

President Duterte led the turn-over of command from acting Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Glorioso Miranda to Lt. Gen. Ricardo R. Visaya, who assumed the leadership yesterday.

Visaya believes that by stroke of faith, the six-month duration under the new administration will lay down the bedrock of foundation for security and defense as he promised to embark on a people-centered approach as they involve even in various rebel factions towards nation building.

Aside from that, Visaya said that the AFP will also intensify its support to law enforcement agencies and will build alliances with its counterparts to bring down syndicates and other organized crime groups. (wc)

AFP Chief presides PSG turnover of command; rallies protection of Pres., VP
Armed Forces Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Ricardo R. Visaya today called on the Presidential Security Group (PSG) to remain steadfast on their sworn duties to secure and protect President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the First Family and Vice President Leni Robredo and her Family.

Visaya presided over the Changing of Guards of the PSG from Rear Admiral Raul Ubando to Colonel Rolando Joselito D. Bautista, both members of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Sandiwa Class ’85.

“I urge all of you to support your new Commander. Extend your cooperation and exhibit your best performances you are known for. Ensure the safety of our key policymakers and decision makers,” Visaya said.

He added “they toil so much to arrive at crucial decisions to steer our country forward and build the nation. They as much deserve to be protected and secured to freely do their respective jobs. We owe it to them and to the people to guarantee their security and protection from threat and harm.”

Visaya said that with the brand of service the new PSG Commander is known for, he is confident that Bautista will be able to deliver his mandate.

As the new AFP chief of staff congratulated Ubando, who will assume a new post as Inspector General of the Philippine Navy and boost Colonel Bautista, he said “the Philippines had the privilege to accommodate many important events in the course of the past two years. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2015, for instance, was a shining moment for the PSG.”

“The defense unit endured and won against threats to the safety of 20 high-level foreign leaders and around 10,000 other members of the delegation. From their cordial welcome to their safe send-off, we credit the success of the two-day international conference to the competence, commitment and professionalism exhibited by every member of the PSG.”

“We trust Colonel Bautista to ably do the share as he will lead this PSG, not only in thwarting all categories of threats, but equally so by continuing the legacy of protecting key figures that our people trust to lead this country and bring this nation to live in an atmosphere of peace, stability and development,” Visaya said.

The turnover ceremonies was held at the Command’s Headquarters in Malacanang Park was also witnessed by Executive Secretary Salvador C. Medialdea , representatives from the major service commands of the AFP, immediate family of PMA Class ’85. (PA)