From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On the Mindanao Bishop’s support for Martial Law

Ozamiz City Archibishop Martin Jumoad has expressed support of martial law, saying, “it is vital that government restores peace and order in Lanao del Sur”, risking his popularity in certain quarters. Placing his diocesan’s well being above all else, he also encourages the citizens to be extra careful and to cooperate with the military.

We laud the good bishop’s support of the President’s war against violent extremism in Mindanao. We hope his fellow bishops and other clergy follow his example for their parishes, and prioritize the peace and safety of the people. While he has also said that mechanisms must be in place that prevent and address human rights abuses, AFP Spokesperson RESTY PADILLA has said that such mechanisms are in place, and this will differentiate this military action from the past.

We also call on Muslim leaders to speak out against terrorist groups, who use religion to disguise their barbarity, staining the peaceful name of Islam with the blood of innocents during this holy month of Ramadan.