From Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella on the 92 people in government fired in connection with the anti-corruption drive

The President’s remark that he fired 92 government officials this month underscores that there are no sacred cows in the Duterte administration. These officials came from different agencies of the government, mostly regulatory bodies, where there is an interface between the public and private sectors. At present, no breakdown is readily available.

Firing of government officials involved in corrupt practices does not come in batches. Any whiff of corruption, particularly those who serve at the pleasure of the President, means suspension or termination of service in government.
In view of this, we assure our people that in cases where heads have been suspended or terminated, day-to-day government operations will remain unhampered because the duties can be performed by the assistant heads who may be designated as officers-in-charge while the chiefs or heads of office are temporarily absent.