Interview with Presidential Spokespeson Ernesto Abella
CNN Philippines/Headlines-New Day 
08 August 2016
VELOSO: Secretary Abella, good morning.

SEC. ABELLA: Good morning Amelyn. How are you doing?

VELOSO: We are fine here, Secretary Abella. Well, the deadline for those named in the recent list of personalities allegedly involved in illegal drugs has already passed. How many have already reported, just to clarify, because we are hearing seven and they were also talking about at least a dozen?

SEC. ABELLA: We don’t have the final list but a number already sent feelers and have already have been in touch with the proper authorities.

VELOSO: So there are those who have already sent feelers that they will soon make themselves available for inquiry?

SEC. ABELLA: Yes, yes.

VELOSO: Okay. So how many are we expecting today, Secretary Abella?

SEC. ABELLA: We don’t have the definite number, but a significant number have already gotten in touch.

VELOSO: Now a few have already denied involvement and some have appealed for due process to take its course. Does the government have sufficient evidence against these individuals named?

SEC. ABELLA: It’s really this way. In a very real sense the naming, it’s a way, it’s a warning. It’s a warning that we do have sufficient intelligence reports for you to be able to come up… for you to come up—for the named one’s to come up and clarify their actual position.

VELOSO: Okay. Of those who have already come up or reported, what happens next for them?

SEC. ABELLA: Well, they can file counter affidavits if they feel so. But they need to be able settle things as soon as possible.

VELOSO: Does it mean that if they are reporting, they will be absolved of their potential cases?

SEC. ABELLA: Come again?

VELOSO: For those who will be reporting and who will be open to inquiry, does it also mean that they will be absolved of their cases or not?

SEC. ABELLA: Not necessarily absolved, but you know, they just—it’s a way of clarifying their names, clarifying the naming of their names.

VELOSO: Okay, now for those will not subject themselves to inquiry or who will not report. What will happen to them?

SEC. ABELLA: Then, they will just have to be subject to the next steps, for example, later they can be called in… they can be actually called in. But really the whole exercise is meant to draw…there is such a large number of people, so it’s meant to really bring them out. You know, bring them out.

VELOSO: All right. Thank you so much for taking our call, Secretary Abella.