On the Vice President’s July 27 Ulat sa Bayan

The Palace is one with the Vice President in her Ulat sa Bayan message that in this challenging time of COVID-19, it is the Filipinos who helped and came to the rescue of fellow Filipinos.

In fact, in his last State of the Nation Address, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte personally paid tribute to Filipinos who have provided essential health services, have made our food chain supply running, have boosted economic activity, and have ensured peace and order in our communities during this pandemic.

Also, we welcome the initiatives of the Vice President in the fight against COVID-19. which she enumerated in her Ulat sa Bayan and we are in no way diminishing her efforts in this trying time. Any contribution, including policy recommendations from the political opposition, to ensure the successful fight against the pandemic, is much appreciated.

We reiterate: Now is the time to focus on COVID-19 and help the national government in achieving population protection; so together, we will recover and have a happy Christmas and a better future for all Filipinos.