On the SWS survey on COVID-19 safety measures

The Palace views the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) National Mobile Phone Survey on COVID-19 safety measures encouraging as it reveals that large majorities of Filipinos have been following the recommended health protocols by the government.

We are particularly pleased with the survey results indicating that 79% of Filipinos always use a face mask when going out of the house, 67% always wash their hands several times a day, 60% always keep a physical distance, and 56% always use a face shield in public transportation and establishments. This goes to show that our drive to inform and educate people to observe public health standards have reached our countrymen.

The success of this campaign, however, must not lull us into complacency as there is still no vaccine or cure available. We must never fail on reminding our people to continue adhering to these COVID-19 safety measures, especially now that we have started to gradually reopen the economy.

We have to take care the health of our people even as we look after the economic health of the nation. As the President himself appealed, Mask, Hugas, Iwas.