On the statement of UN Special Rapporteurs

The Palace notes the statements made by 11 Special Rapporteurs yesterday. The conclusions they have reached and the sanctions they have demanded confirm the lack of impartiality that has unfortunately tainted the human rights mechanisms of the United Nations when it comes to the Duterte Administration.

We maintain that the Philippines has continuously discharged its obligations to punish violations of human rights. We have legislation and mechanisms against torture and enforced disappearances, laws to the enforce international humanitarian law, and penal laws that have been crafted to protect and promote human rights as enshrined in our Constitution.

We have a working and independent judiciary that deals with violators of human rights, regardless of who they may be. As we said in our response to the Office of the High Commissioner’s report, issued in early June, our courts stand ready to receive and rule on any complaints. We call on the Special Rapporteurs to respect our legal system and the Philippines as a sovereign state.