On the rumor of a total lockdown in the entire country in the next two weeks

Another idle and wild talk of a total lockdown unleashed by the usual rumor mongers is flying high in the social media and being spread by word of mouth by the gullible and those who should know better.

Earlier on, specifically two weeks ago, the rumor being spread was a lockdown was in the offing where all establishments including supermarkets, groceries, wet markets, drug stores, banks and food chains would be closed and that the deliveries of food supply and agricultural products would be prohibited. That loose talk created widespread fear and triggered panic buying, but it never happened.

Contrary to the expectations of the general public what was declared was an enhanced community quarantine or a partial lockdown with the aforesaid establishments remaining open and delivery of food supplies and agricultural products unimpeded.

No sooner had the public calmed and the purveyors of false news and untrue information are at it again. This time they are creating panic and apprehension by making the populace believe that there will be a total lockdown in the entire country in the next two weeks with all the aforementioned establishments closed and deliveries of food items and agricultural products totally not allowed.

Lest the general public take this rumoured government action as true, the Palace wishes to inform the citizenry and to stress that such circulating information is absolutely false.

The present enhanced community quarantine or partial lockdown in Luzon will remain with the same established protocols and guidelines in place, with all the aforementioned business enterprises remaining accessible, and the delivery of food and agricultural products unhampered.

We appeal to our countrymen not to believe – or to ignore – anything that comes to your knowledge that is contrary to the official announcements of the Office of the President relative to the fight against Covid-19.

We warn those creating or propagating false news or untrue information designed to create panic, confusion, and fear among the population that they will be forthwith arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Salvador S. Panelo
Chief Presidential Legal Counsel & Presidential Spokesperson

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