On the retroactive application of IATF Resolution No. 157

The Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) has approved the retroactive application of the testing and quarantine protocols under IATF Resolution No. 157, and has directed implementing agencies to ensure the smooth and proper implementation of these protocols intended to screen Filipinos and foreign nationals entering the country from abroad.

In a resolution issued by the IATF on Saturday, January 15, testing and quarantine protocols for Green and Yellow List countries/territories/jurisdictions per IATF Resolution No. 157 shall now apply to those who arrived in all ports of entry in the Philippines on or before January 13, 2022.

Also, the IATF clarified that foreign nationals coming from Red List countries and allowed admission in the country under existing IATF rules may enter the Philippines provided they have valid or existing visas. The IATF also stressed that their entry is subject to Philippine immigration laws, rules and regulations.

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