On the national testing capacity

This is to clarify that I was referring to our national testing capacity, which is now at 32,000/day, when I earlier mentioned that we have already conducted and surpassed the 30,000 target last May 20. This is very clear though in the corresponding infographics on the national testing capacity, which was flashed on the screen during the briefing.

The goal we set, through the Test, Trace, Treat (T3) Coalition, was to reach a testing CAPACITY of 30,000 by May 30.

Our first step to increasing the number of daily tests conducted is to expand our testing capacity. This means more accredited laboratories and more automated machine so that we are capable of testing up to 30,000 plus per day.

The next step is to improve efficiency so that our laboratories are capable of using that capacity to the highest level possible. To achieve this, we need to
a) improve our human resources through proficiency training, especially on the use of automated machine, b) improve our supply chain management of critical supplies for our labs, and c) improve our data management to verify and release results faster.

Government cannot do this alone and we appreciate the initiatives of the private sector under the T3 Coalition in reaching our initial target ahead of our set deadline.

I hope this resolves the matter.

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