On the latest SWS survey

The Second Quarter 2021 Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showing that 68% of our people – a great majority – have easy access to a COVID-19 vaccination site in their area is a result of the combined hard work of the departments in the Executive, the local government units (LGUs), and major stakeholders, including key private sector leaders who contributed in our national vaccination program.

While much have been achieved since we began, we recognize that much more needs to be done. The same SWS survey reveals that there are areas that still have no access to a vaccination site and / or have slow pace of vaccination.

To improve access to and pace of vaccination, we are addressing vaccine supplies by procuring more vaccines, increasing personnel or vaccinators by considering pharmacists and medical interns/underboard, and having barangay health centers as vaccination sites. We are likewise undertaking initiatives, together with our partnership with the LGUs and the private sector, such as having malls as vaccination sites, drive-thru vaccination, bakuna all day/night, house-to-house vaccination to inoculate the elderlies and vulnerables, to reach more people.

Rest assured that we will not rest until we achieve population protection, for no one is safe, as the President underscored, until all of us are safe.###

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