On the efforts and contributions of big businesses to fight COVID-19

The Office of the President would like to thank the contributions of several businesses in our fight to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Apart from the ones previously mentioned by this representation in an earlier statement, we also acknowledge Golden Arches Development Corporation, or more popularly known has McDonald’s Philippines, for its PhP500 million fund to support its employees and the communities, including the frontliners and the marginalized sector, affected by this global healthcare.

The model of McDonald’s Philippines’ unselfish act is worth emulating for aside from continuing paying the salaries of its employees who are not able to report for work, it also provides a premium pay and special benefits to those who can. It likewise contributes funds not just to the frontliners of this battle but also to those who are in a difficult situation to access food as a result of their circumstances.

Our appreciation as well to Coca-Cola Philippines, which we understand, has put on hold its advertising budget worth PhP150 million and rechanneled them in support of COVID-19 relief and response efforts.

The Palace commends these companies for the consideration it has placed on the welfare of its employees and fellow countrymen, especially at this time when the country needs all the help it can get to get through this public health crisis.