On the 2019 Bar Examinations

Today is a life-changing moment to our bar examinees. The results are out and congratulations to the bar passers as they — together with their parents, friends, and loved ones who believe and supported them in law school — celebrate this moment of triumph.

On the other hand, to those who are not fortunate in their attempt, my advice as a professor of law, is not let the results dishearten them. Continue to believe in their passion.

As our successful examinees enter the legal profession, please keep in mind that they studied law because of their ideal that the legal profession is a “noble profession.” Lawyers pledge to uphold the law at all times and use it to protect people’s rights. I, therefore, strongly urge all to bring life to this ideal.

As we wish all the incoming lawyers all the best, we hope that many after taking their oaths and signing the rolls would consider a career in government. This would be a great opportunity to give back to the community for earning the privilege to practice law in the country. Our new lawyers’ idealism and integrity are welcome addition in building a strong, healthy and prosperous nation which every Filipino deserves.