On Southern Philippines Medical Center

We find nothing irregular in the PhilHealth Interim Reimbursement Mechanism (IRM) allocation of Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC).

SPMC, for the information of everyone, is a 1,500-bed hospital with almost 3,600 personnel. Per DOH, it is the biggest hospital facility in the country as a government hospital. Last year, the hospital total admissions are 76,586. There are also 586,278 outpatients in the same period.

In addition, SPMC has several integrated specialty buildings which are stand alone, like the Heart Institute, the Institute for Women and Newborn Care, the Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Institute, the Cancer Institute, the Intensive Care Complex, and the main hospital for General Medicine and Surgery. It has the biggest hemodialysis in the country with 65 dialysis chairs.

SPMC also has the highest PhilHealth income, breaking the billion mark. Its average income for 2018-2019 is P1.2-B and IRM is based on the monthly average or the track record of reimbursement for 2018-19.

Historically, SPMC has had the biggest amount of claims due to its regular provision of healthcare services to patients all over Mindanao.