On PRRD’s Talk To The Nation and VP Leni

The firing of PACC Commissioner Manuelito Luna by PRRD following the former’s public statement asking the NBI to investigate VP Leni Robredo for her alleged solicitation of funds and for allegedly competing with government efforts against COVID-19 demonstrates the President’s intolerance to abusive, arrogant and incompetent government officials, apart from the corrupt ones, as well as consistent with his decisive action against errant public servants.

His repeated calls for everybody, regardless of political beliefs to cooperate in the government’s efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus, is not a meaningless appeal. Those who respond to the call for unity and cooperation must be encouraged and commended instead of being harassed by subjecting them to a mindless government intrusion that smacks of a partisan action.

Only the Bayanihan spirit of every Filipino lending hand to each other can make this nation survive and prevail over this scourge of a disease.

Salvador. Panelo
Chief Presidential Legal Counsel & Presidential Spokesperson