On Jose Rizal’s 159th birth anniversary

Today, June 19, the Palace joins the entire Filipino nation in celebrating Jose Rizal’s 159th birth anniversary.

The life of our greatest national hero is a testament of how a single person’s deep love for his country could spark the re-awakening of our forefathers’ desire for freedom and change.

This occasion reminds us of Dr. Rizal’s young life, dedicated to service, which rings a bell in these challenging times. We are proud to see today modern-day heroes — our courageous frontliners — who rise up to the challenge and serve as beacons of hope to a people weary and fearful of the present global health scare.

We ask our people, the youth in particular, whom our beloved hero referred to as the “hope for our future,” to take inspiration from his life and emulate his principles to be agents of genuine transformation for a better Philippines.